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A Downward View

Landscape: Get High Everything looks different when you are high. Find a high perspective to shoot this landscape.

Things are easier said than done, sometimes. I’ve had to reach back a couple of months for this shot; although I did finally take some lovely shots recently from high vantage points.

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Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge

Say hello to the seal pups at Donna Nook.

What’s better than a trip abroad exploring a new place? A little roadtrip in your home country to explore a new place, of course. Travelling isn’t all about getting on a plane after all.  552 more words


Isle of May 2016 - Late season births and Charlie goes to sea!

Even though it’s december and the vast majority of the seals on the Isle of May breeding colony have already raised their pups and returned to the sea, we are still seeing a few newborn pups from mothers that are late season breeders. 637 more words


Mechanical Seals for Pumps - China Industrial Mechanical seals manufacturer

Mechanical Seal which accomplishes the job of restraining product leakage around the pump shaft with two very flat surfaces (one stationary and one rotating). Even though these mechanical seal faces also require some leakage across the faces, to form a hydrodynamic film, this leakage normally evaporates and is not noticeable. 150 more words

Fabrication Services

Wildlife Wednesday, December - Fight Club

With the frosty weather and exposure of the berried treasure in the hedge/tree branches the blackbirds seem to have multiplied. Berries are being stripped with frightening efficiency. 617 more words


Lazy Seals

We often get the question why are seals so lazy? Every time when we see them they are resting, hauled out on ice. They don’t seem to do a lot. 67 more words


An El Niño year late start to freeze-up on Hudson Bay: bears gearing up to hunt

There is no serious ice on the west shore of Hudson Bay yet (as the map below shows) but the winds have just shifted – instead of coming from the south, they are now blowing in from the north. 523 more words

Sea Ice Habitat