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Unlike "Sex and the City"

2/25 (水)

“Sex and the City” に魅了された女性なら誰しも、ニューヨークという土地で仕事とファションと恋愛を楽しむ4人のライフスタイルに共感しつつ、自分の中にいるであろう 輝くNew Yorkerの存在を 探すのだろうな。


16:04、外は4℃。目を細める陽射しと少し春を感じられる気候に心安らぐ。先週は-16℃の極寒だったもの。Lincoln Center前を足早に通り過ぎるニューヨーカーの顔にも安堵の表情がちらほら。もうすこし暖かくなったら、ブルックリンでピクニックでもしたいね、でも3月はまだ難しいだろうな。と、姉と交わした会話。寒い所の方が考え事には適している気がするけれど、やはり南国への希望は捨てきれない。私は夏の匂いと色が好きだ。冬の空気に包まれているこの街も、もちろん好きなのだけれど。

ところで昨日から、脱 “seamless” をしよう、と姉と決意を固めた。ここ一ヶ月間、家での「外食」を楽しんでいるのは seamless のせい お陰 だ。2人共、Vegan対応のカフェ Blossom du Jour… 9 more words


In response to "This Is How We Date Now"

I read this article this morning and it blew me away. The subject matter for one and the beautiful writing for another. It really articulated to me how I feel about dating today. 1,748 more words


New Pattern: Felber

Just in time before the spring arrives, here is another pattern release from my side. Felber is a circular yoke sweater with asymmetric cable on the yoke.  150 more words


Men Who Use Caviar.

If you don’t know what Caviar is, congratulations, there’s a chance you might have a dick. If you do, well, maybe this can help you to learn that using an elitist delivery service app is all kinds of indication that you’ve got genitalia issues. 82 more words

@ZPizza @Seamless

I was craving pizza at work and I didn’t want the whole pie to myself so I asked my co-workers if they would help me eat it. 113 more words


A Peek Under the Hood - Little Things About Web Technology

As a technology dummy surrounding by computer science geeks, I never get to understand the coding, or any fundamental for web development. The only thing I know is the difference between front-end and back-end platforms. 597 more words

Digital Marketing

How To Order Takeout Like A Champ

When I was growing up, a mainstay of our apartment was the gigantic folder of take-out menus next to the phone. I had working parents and cheap Chinese food at my fingertips, and not a week went by when we didn’t order delivery at least once.  610 more words

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