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RAZOR SHARP dialectics of the sexes 10

And that moment when the bird sings very close
to the music of what happens…

Seamus Heaney, Song


Above the mantelpiece in my study hangs a painted panel, not all that well done, however as an image interesting and also held in a nice frame. 387 more words


The Forge - 2016-1-13

All I know is a door into the dark                                                                                                           Outside, old axes and iron hoops rusting;                                                                                           Inside, the hammered anvil’s short-pitched ring,                                                                                 The unpredictable fantail of sparks                                                                                                               Or hiss when a new shoe toughens in water.                                                                                         73 more words

If you have the words....

“If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way.”
Seamus Heaney 

from Stepping Stones: Interviews with Seamus Heaney. Quote found at Goodreads.


An Anglo-Saxon Epic

When darkness falls, beware Heorot.  A monster has arisen, and when night comes he lurks in the hall of King Hrothgar of the Shieldings, slaying whomsoever he finds.  373 more words


I suppose you could say my father’s world was Thomas Hardy...

I suppose you could say my father’s world was Thomas Hardy and my mother’s D.H. Lawrence. – Seamus Heaney: http://dlvr.it/DFWx41

Seamus Heaney

How to structure a comparative paragraph on two poems #2

Here’s an example of a comparative paragraph on ‘Follower’ and ‘Before You Were Mine’.

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