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Heaney: Like A Cure

Being with her
Was intimate and helpful, like a cure
You didn’t notice happening.

– Seamus Heaney

Marriage & Family

Nesbit Likes: Digging by Seamus Heaney

Whether or not we follow in the footsteps of our fathers, of our mothers, is a real question for some. In every profession, you’ll find strings of generations all of whom took position as their ancestors did. 579 more words


Mycenae Lookout 5: His Reverie of Water

At Troy, at Athens, what I most clearly
see and nearly smell
is the fresh water.

A filled bath, still unentered
and unstained, waiting behind housewalls… 54 more words


Scones and Tea and Poetry

Since scones and tea are a wonderful accompaniment to poetry, I would like to invite you to plate your favorite baked treat, brew your preferred tea leaves and settle in your favorite window seat while you read my first collection of poetry, “Watermark in the Heart.”  It is a Smashwords publication to be released Sunday, December 4.   18 more words

Mycenae Lookout 4: The Nights

They both needed to talk,
pretending what they needed
was my advice. Behind backs
each one of them confided
it was sexual overload
every time they did it- 29 more words


Mycenae Lookout 3: His Dawn Vision

The little violets’ heads bowed on their stems,
The pre-dawn gossamers, all dew and scrim
And star-lace, it was more through them

I felt the beating of the huge time-wound… 75 more words