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Most Hysterical Movie Mistake Ever

I’m on a posting rampage today! Anyway, I discovered this on the internet, and apparently it’s a pretty major mistake. There is a car that can be seen in Fellowship of the Ring, when Sam is announcing that taking one step further will put him the farthest from home he’s ever been. 97 more words

Lord Of The Rings

Same Scene Two Drawings

Today I drew this picture:

Only to rememer I had drawn something extremely similar on June 11th:

And then to find this on the Internet: 21 more words

Lord Of The Rings

Pity and Mercy Can Make All the Difference

It seemed to Frodo then that he heard, quite plainly but far off, voices out of the past:

            What a pity Bilbo did not stab the vile creature when he had the chance! 135 more words


Goonies Never Say Die: The Enduring Love For The Goonies

The Goonies is 30 years old this week, and yet still as cherished by its fans as much now as it was way back when. Released in 1985, from the minds of Chris Columbus ( 863 more words


'The Goonies' Turns 30: Where Is the Cast Now?

Thirty years ago yesterday, moviegoers got their first look at what was either a) LIKE THE GREATEST MOVIE OF THE ‘80S, PERIOD, or b) two hours of preteens running around and screaming. 1,545 more words


Sean Astin hints that sequel to "The Goonies" is still being planned...

While celebrating “The Goonies” 30th Anniversary today, Sean Astin hints in his facebook account that a sequel is still being planned. Now a sequel to “The Goonies” is nothing new ’cause director Richard Donner has been planning one for years and even Steven Spielberg is back on board to help out a bit. 356 more words


A Classic Turns 30


If for some reason, you’ve never seen this movie, you should not continue. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out at least once. 469 more words

Looking Back