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Oil Shitty By Zach Anthony

Featuring Zach Anthony, Anthony Maras, Nick Tomanelli, Nick O’Leary, Kris Craig, Benny Marasa, and Sean Grossman.


Sean Grossman & Sal Zaso Beyond The Ledge Edit

Sal Zaso and I made an edit for our sponsor Beyond The Ledge. Go pick up some wax and bearing lube from Joe Schaefer. Thanks Austin Sullivan for the Additional Filming. – Sean Grossman.


Jalheads Take Manhattan

Featuring: Sean Grossman, Sal Zaso, Austin Sullivan, James Perez, Christopher Dejesus, & Jordan Baez. Filming: Austin Sullivan & Sean Grossman. Edit: Austin Sullivan.


Jalheads Dos

Featuring Sal Zaso, Chris DeJesus Austin Sullivan, Shawn Gradilone, Brian Tokin, Sean Grossman, Kyle Johnson, and many more New York bladers.


WNS Oil City Photos by Ryan Loewy

Dave Ngo – Back Royale. Photo: Ryan Loewy.

Last night we had a great turnout for the I Roll NY Wednesday night skate session at Oil City. 94 more words


Chauncey Jenkins Big Apple Blade Section

“This is Chauncey’s section from my DVD Big Apple Blade released March 2014. He put his heart into this section and showcased his ninja like skills on the blades. 7 more words


Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

“This is an online web series. Filmed in Shaolin .. Dirty Jerz and the surrounding boroughs ….Featuring the likes of Austin Paz, Hector “Tato” Gonzales, Joey Scannella, James & Taylor Kobryn, Osbel Velez, Steve Nichols, Austin Crotoeu, Chris Santiago, Sean Grossman & Nico Magelian. 9 more words