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Review: Herons @ Lyric Hammersmith

This review was originally written for West End Frame

In the 15 years since it premiered at the Royal Court, Simon Stephens’ Herons seems to have dated a lot. 485 more words


Herons, Lyric Hammersmith

The herons of Simon Stephens’ play are vicious. Vicious and beautiful. They swoop down to catch their prey, still and composed until they go in for the kill. 633 more words


Review Round Up: Herons @Lyric Hammersmith

15 years after it first appeared on stage, Simon Stephens’ play Herons returns to the capital in a new production directed Sean Holmes. But has it gone down well with critics? 264 more words


Herons Behind-The-Scenes

The Lyric Hammersmith are reviving Simon Stephens‘ teen-violence play, Herons, opening this week.

So now seems like a great time to get a look into the creation of this production, with these great little behind-the-scenes look into everything from the design, to the direction and more. 33 more words

Kelly Slater throws down on a perfect J-Bay

While most of the surfing elite took off after J-Bay, Kelly Slater and Sean Holmes stuck around for a blip on the ol’ radar and scored some perfect right barrels. Have a look!


Bugsy Malone

The origin of this show is fascinating. It was of course originally a film, made by a man who did adverts. Quite why he decided to make a gangster film with music, performed by children, is beyond me, but it worked and it’s maker, Alan Parker, went on to great things. 331 more words


New generation muscles in as Bugsy Malone takes over Hammersmith

Bugsy Malone – Lyric Hammersmith, until 01 August 2015 (tickets)

Michael Billington (or as I imagine him – the Sage of Shaftesbury Avenue) described the Lyric’s production of Alan Parker’s sublime 1975 musical as “having nothing new to say about the gangster-movie”. 190 more words