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The Gunman, starring Idris Elba, REALLY ?

After seeing the trailer for the Gunman, Sean Penn’s latest film starring surprisingly Sean Penn, also starring Ray Winstone, Idris Elba and Mark Rylance, i thought yeah whats not to like ! 694 more words

The Gunman Video Review!

Dan The Man Muñoz, host of Movie Menu Reviews, discusses and reviews THE GUNMAN, with his Co-Host, Mike Stand. Let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments below! 29 more words


REVIEW: Into The Wild

Into The Wild is a beautiful and emotive story of a young man who turns his back on society. With Sean Penn’s confident direction and perfect starring cast, Into the Wild is made to be a beautiful yet heart wrenching portrayal on the life of Christopher McCandless, a bright, recent college graduate, who in 1992 was found dead in the depths of an Alaskan forest after giving away his $24,000 trust fund to Oxfam. 340 more words


Valerie Milano-CCN Sunrise Entertainment Report

CCN 11/14/2014

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TheHollywoodTimes Senior Editor, Valerie Milano, with the Entertainment Report for Crown City News – CCN Sunrise 11/14/2014 129 more words