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Google first introduced app indexing for iOS apps in search back in May, allowing in-app content to appear in search results with links that send users directly to an app. 151 more words


SolrCloud: Dealing with Large Tenants and Routing

Many Solr users need to handle multi-tenant data. There are different techniques that deal with this situation: some good, some not-so-good. Using routing to handle such data is one of the solutions, and it allows one to efficiently divide the clients and put them into dedicated shards while still using all the goodness of SolrCloud. 762 more words


Google is always expanding the information it offers at the top of search results, with the goal being to keep users within Google itself — no longer needing to navigate to external websites. 228 more words


Top 10 Elasticsearch Mistakes


  1. Upgrading to the new major version right after its release without waiting for the inevitable .1 release
  2. Remembering that you said, “We don’t need backups, we have shard replicas” to your manager during an 8-hour cluster recovery session…
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Google is definitely known for its hidden easter eggs and features in search, and this one is really going to keep you occupied: Searching for “I’m feeling curious” now shows you a widget that rotates through some random and interesting facts about just about everything — from how much a “lifetime airline pass” costed in the 80s to facts about Oprah. 95 more words


Google rolls out attractive, new apps search UI

It looks like Google has been working behind the scenes to make searching for apps a much more intuitive and better-looking experience on Android. As… 329 more words