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Get the most out of DuckDuckGo

With iOS 8 Apple added the option for users to choose DuckDuckGo as their default search engine within the operating system.

DuckDuckGo heavily touts the fact that it doesn’t track the information of users and is a privacy-focused company. 277 more words


Evidence of offline 'OK, Google,' other features found in Google app version 4.8

The Google app — previously known as “Search” — was updated to version 4.8 last week, and now a new teardown has revealed some interesting new details about some features that might be coming in future versions. 293 more words


Google's new search carousel skims more content from sites like Pinterest and Houzz

Google is known for historically having a goal with search to get people to the information they want as quickly as possible. Search engines by design are intended to get you what you’re looking for on the first try, so it makes total sense that Google optimizes ruthlessly in hopes that you don’t have to click the next page link. 230 more words


Instagram is rolling out an update today for its Android app bringing two major new features, including a redesigned Explore tab and improved search functionality. 269 more words


Replaying Elasticsearch Slowlogs with Logstash and JMeter

Sometimes we just need to replay production queries – whether it’s because we want a realistic load test for the new version of a product or because we want to reproduce, in a test environment, a bug that only occurs in production (isn’t it lovely when that happens? 1,008 more words


Tuning Relevance in Elasticsearch with Custom Boosting

Elasticsearch offers different options out of the box in terms of ranking function (similarity function, in Lucene terminology). The default ranking function is a variation of… 748 more words


Chrome 'OK Google' hotwording extension sparks new privacy concerns, confusion (Update: Chromium team backpeddals)

Update: What’s that? Oh, just the smell of change. After initially standing firm on its implementation of the hotwording module and proprietary Google extension being automatically downloaded in new installations of the Chromium open source browser, a wave of criticism has led to the team… 1,517 more words

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