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Bloomberg: Microsoft's Bing Isn't a Joke Anymore

Bloomberg: Microsoft’s Bing Isn’t a Joke Anymore When was it a joke? “Bing is on track to generate roughly $5.3 billion in revenue for Microsoft’s fiscal year ended June 30, based on the pace of sales during the previous nine months. 55 more words

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New Search Engine Lets You Face-Swap

A new search engine faceswaps you into image search results. “The system analyzes the picture of your face and determines how to intelligently crop it to leave nothing but your face. 45 more words

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Crunch Report | WikiLeaks Publishes DNC Emails — TechCrunch

WikiLeaks publishes a ton of democratic national committee emails, a bunch of employees leave reddit, Pokemon Go is live now in Japan, Verizon is close to buying Yahoo assets, Gravity4 CEO Gurbaksh Chahal has violated probation.

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New Life Sciences Search Engine Leaves Stealth, In Beta

In beta, still developing: a new life sciences search engine called Bioz. “The Bioz platform uses natural language processing and machine learning to extract data from published research articles on which products were used, under what conditions, for what experiments, and with which companion products. 54 more words

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"I'm hungry"

“I’m hungry”, I type, and click on the magnifying glass.

“I have found growing vegetables can help  if you’re hungry.”

“If you’re hungry, the problem might be that you haven’t had anything to eat. 372 more words

This amazing search engine automatically face-swaps you into your image results

Ever wonder what you would look like with long, wavy hair? I think you’d look great. But how can you try on a few looks without spending a fortune at the salon, or hours in photoshop?

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Nine reasons I ignore SEO

Let’s start with basics. SEO is short for search engine optimization. Bloggers (along with other people, but never mind them) obsess about it. Our goal is to lure in innocents who are searching the internet. 1,784 more words

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