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Akankah Kita Menemukan Alien?

Pencarian kehidupan di luar Bumi (ekstraterestrial) memang selalu menarik untuk dibicarakan. Kebanyakan orang selalu bertanya apakah sebenarnya kita (umat manusia) sendirian di alam semesta. Mengingat bahwa alam semesta ini sangatlah luas, sepertinya tidak mungkin kalau kehidupan hanya ada di Bumi. 1,389 more words


Arrival, the shape of aliens, and bridging the communication barrier

This weekend, I watched the movie ‘Arrival‘.  It starts off with the now common scenario of several floating ships appearing in the skies around the world.   966 more words


How to Look For Aliens

(Starts With A Bang!) – Ethan Siegel:

SETI is searching for the same signals humans were producing in the 1960s. Wouldn’t aliens do better? …

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What Alien Are You?

Imagine a network of extraterrestrials in radio contact with each other across the universe, superior beings who hail from advanced civilizations quadrillions of miles away, just waiting for Earth to tune in. 97 more words


Carl Edward Sagan - An astronomer who had the right stuff

Carl Edward Sagan (1934-1996), best known as Carl Sagan, was an American astronomer and media figure.

His interest in science began at a young age. Getting his first public library card at age 5, he spent considerable time asking the librarian questions and reading up on topics that his family and friends were not so enthusiastic about. 442 more words

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