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"Imps of the scientific imagination"

There’s a new episode of Big Picture Science.

Big Picture Science- Replace What Ails You

It’s about medical innovation.

Check this out.

As part of a segment about the history of microbiology, they speak of when Tuberculosis was first discovered. 90 more words

Snowden's answer to the Fermi Paradox and its assumptions

The Fermi Paradox is the question that, if the conditions for life in the galaxy are as ubiquitous as they appear to be, so that there should be hundreds, if not thousands of alien civilizations out there, then where is everyone?   460 more words


Squirrels included, but not preferred.

Looking for the answer.

It’s out there. Or up there.

Squirrels can apply, but better, I.

With clear instincts, gut judgement, and the obvious “We come in peace” tail wags (firmly backed by teeth at the ready and warning woof available) 350 more words


OSIRIS-REx - Seeking Answers to the Sweet Mystery of Life

Guest Blogger: Jason Dworkin

The nature of the origin of life is a topic that has engaged people since ancient times. Where did we come from? 1,133 more words