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The search for Spock continues into the 21st century with the Star Trek III phaser

George Orwell predicted that 1984 would be the year all the crazy dystopian stuff went down. And maybe he was right . . . I mean, is it really a coincidence that one of the most legendary sci-fi films of all time came out that same year? 100 more words

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Spock’s Sacrifice

And Spock is sent off to the strains of Scotty playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes.

More relevant, is the story arc through Wrath of Khan… 332 more words

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The SEARCH FOR SPOCK is 30 Years Old - Time to Include It in the Debate!

Now three decades old, the Search For Spock – the third Star Trek feature film – has been long regarded largely in the shadow of its spectacular predecessor… 1,729 more words

Ana talks pop-culture Issue #1: Space husbands: why Kirk and Spock should be considered as one of the most epic couples in fictional history.


Little disclaimer before I begin: Yes I am a nerd, and a fangirl. I am not afraid of showing off the things I am passionate about, I proudly wear my  Star Trek T-shirt in public, and use Transformers themed stationary. 1,952 more words

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Going Google Free: The Search For Search

This is part of a continuing series about my quest to become Google Free by July 1st. Read from the beginning to learn more.

One of Google’s most used products is their search engine. 653 more words

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The Trek Trek, Part VI: The Search for Spock

Part VI: The Search for More Money

        Let me pose a quick conundrum for you. Let’s say you have a franchise on your hands. Furthermore, with the previous addition to said franchise you did very well and made lots and lots of money. 593 more words

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