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कोलकाता: हावड़ा स्टेशन पर ट्रेन में मिला जिंदा बम, सर्च ऑपरेशन जारी

कोलकाता. पश्चिम बंगाल में एक एक्सप्रेस ट्रेन में बम मिलने की खबर है। मीडिया रिपोर्ट्स के मुताबिक हावड़ा स्टेशन पर फलकनुमा एक्सप्रेस से तीन संदिग्ध बैग मिले हैं। इनमें बम रखे होने की सूचना थी। एक जिंदा बम बरामद कर लिया गया है और सर्च ऑपरेशन जारी है। पुलिस और बम स्क्वायड ने कोलकाता के हावड़ा स्टेशन पर इन संदिग्ध बैगों को ट्रेन से बाहर निकाला है। बम की सूचना से स्टेशन को खाली कराना पड़ा और लोगों में अफरातफरी का माहौल है। बम रखने वाले की तलाश की जा रही है।

हाल में कब-कब मिली बम की सूचना
गौरतलब है कि करीब एक हफ्ते पहले राजस्थान के कोटा स्टेशन पर मुंबई जा रही राजधानी ट्रेन को बम की सूचना पर रोका गया था। ट्रेन की चेकिंग की गई लेकिन बम की सूचना महज अफवाह साबित हुई। वहीं, दो दिन पहले अजमेर शरीफ दरगाह में बम की सूचना थी, जो कि कोरी अफवाह निकली थी।


Chris Norgren Identified By Family As Pilot Of Crashed U.S. Marine Helicopter Found Near Charikot, Nepal; No Survivors Reported

NBC News — KATHMANDU, Nepal — The wreckage of a U.S. Marine helicopter that went missing during a relief mission in quake-devastated Nepal has been found not far from where it vanished, officials said Friday. 107 more words


Aerospace & Defence assets employed in the search of Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 flight MH370

Few months ago I wrote a post about Europe’s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and the need that EU countries have clearer policies, commitments, roadmaps, resources… I started that post with the following reflection: 561 more words

Aerospace & Defence

Tunisian Soldiers Injured by land mine blasts

Landmine blast wounds Tunisian soldiers

Tunis – Three Tunisian soldiers have been wounded in a landmine explosion near the Algerian border where security forces are pursuing Islamist insurgents, the defence ministry said. 9 more words


Rangers conduct search operation in Landhi, 50 arrested

Rangers personnel arrested at least 50 suspects during search operation in Gulshan-e-Buner area of Landhi on Tuesday morning.


The Rangers have surrounded the targeted area and all entry/exit roads were blocked during search operation. 35 more words


NSF reported missing in Brunei training area

NSF reported missing in Brunei training area SINGAPORE: A search operation is now on for a full-time national serviceman (NSF) reported missing in a training area in Brunei.Singapore’s Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said Lance-Corporal (LCP) Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim, 20, was reported missing on Sunday (12 August) at the Temburong training area.LCP Fahrurrazi was the coxswain in a convoy of four boats used to support the water crossing segment of the jungle training exercise at Sungei Batu Apoi, Temburong. 101 more words

Market News

Trapped for no reason

This is going out to all my friends and family members who are living in the vicinity of Lyari and are trapped in their homes without being informed about their fate and the future plans that the Police might be carrying out. 491 more words

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