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The police want to search my car. Should I agree?

Guest post by Randy England

  Most police officers are reasonably hard-working. They have a job to do. Their job is to catch people who break the law. 317 more words


Googling for Guilty


Imagine for the moment that you are living in Small Town, USA. Your life is pretty normal and while there are things about your life that you wouldn’t want people to know, you aren’t a pervert or a criminal. 364 more words


Guanzon vs De Villa

181 SCRA 623; G.R. 80508; January 30, 1990


The 41 petitioners alleged that the “saturation drive” or “aerial target zoning” that were conducted in their place (Tondo Manila) were unconstitutional. 423 more words

Criminal Procedure

People vs. Bongcarawan

G.R. No. 143944, July 11, 2002


The accused was convicted of violation of Section 16, Article III of Republic Act No. 6425 (Dangerous Drugs Act). 773 more words

Criminal Procedure