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Creating An ElasticSearch Index With Schema and Analyzers

Analysis and Analyzers

Elastic Search breaks (tokenizes) data in the document and build index of words (tokens). For each token, it points to the documents that matches the token. 2,596 more words


Privacy, Security and Voice Search: Does Your Company Know What It’s Getting Into?

These days, everyone is using the voice search function across all platforms on all devices. Look no further than an iPhone to an Android phone to the Windows tablet, and you’ll see most people speaking questions instead of typing them. 680 more words

Data Security

Fashion Apps You’ll Love: ASAP54 – Search the Worlds Fashion with a Photo

If you ever wanted a piece of apparel worn by a coworker, a stranger on the street or sighted in an Instagram  feed, a new app called ASAP54 can find it for you in stores, or at least something very similar. 294 more words

This Or That

Who Protects Your Corporate Digital Footprint?

Business leaders must focus on many things every day. There are legal and compliance issues, personnel issues, product development issues, and much more. But in the era of Snowden vs. 550 more words

Social Media

Berlin Buzzwords 2014

Resource: official site, twitter + #bbuzz

Berlin Buzzwords is Germany’s most exciting conference on

  • storing,
  • processing,
  • searching large amounts of digital data.

The 5th edition of Berlin Buzzwords will take place on May 25-28, 2014 at… 131 more words


Goldfire presentation

As interested-in-language-processing guy I visited presentation of Goldfire product.

Goldfire is The Platform for Optimal Product Decisions, as the page says. And I’m absolutely sure that it’s fulled with nlp tasks solutions (patent links [ 192 more words