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Reverse Engineering: 5.Python script to automate "search-text" in decompiled files

Hi :), ¬†In the previous post, I discussed automation of decompiling apks. Now, let’s have a look on how to check the availability of some text or term in the¬†decompiled files. 208 more words


Sex in a Shop Window

It is heartening to know that my blog responds positively to the search term, “Sex intercourse amazon jangle (sic)”.) I imagine the poor chap staring at my photo of a gift shop in Shimla. 26 more words

[The Tidbits] This is How You Find Us!

Halo-halo manteman. Sudah lama sepertinya sejak postingan tidbit terakhir ya. :D Nah kali ini kami mau ngajakin kalian semua buat ngintip kira-kira kenapa sih orang-orang pada mampir ke blog ini. 513 more words

The Tidbit

Well that is awkward

Yesterday rather amusingly I looked at my search stats, normally I get unknown search terms, which drives me nuts, but yesterday I had a result someone had searched for something. 101 more words