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Ten Weirdest Search Terms That Led People To My Blog

You might be surprised to find what kind of search terms lead people to my blog. If you are a blogger, do me a favor and share this with other bloggers. 22 more words


Saddest Search Term Ever

Aw, buddy. I’m not sure how this got you to my site but LET ME HELP YOU!!

  1. You’re going to be okay
  2. Time heals all
  3. So does whiskey
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Reverse Engineering: 5.Python script to automate "search-text" in decompiled files

Hi :), ¬†In the previous post, I discussed automation of decompiling apks. Now, let’s have a look on how to check the availability of some text or term in the¬†decompiled files. 208 more words


Sex in a Shop Window

It is heartening to know that my blog responds positively to the search term, “Sex intercourse amazon jangle (sic)”.) I imagine the poor chap staring at my photo of a gift shop in Shimla. 26 more words

[The Tidbits] This is How You Find Us!

Halo-halo manteman. Sudah lama sepertinya sejak postingan tidbit terakhir ya. :D Nah kali ini kami mau ngajakin kalian semua buat ngintip kira-kira kenapa sih orang-orang pada mampir ke blog ini. 513 more words

The Tidbit