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Somebody stumbled upon my blog by searching “pakistani fat woman” on google. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people these days? -_-


How to find text quickly on a web page or in a file

There’s a very useful keyboard shortcut that will let you jump straight to a word or phrase (or any sequence of letters or numbers1) in almost any document or file – it’s Ctrl+F2. 452 more words


Search Me, O God, And Know My Heart

Search Me,  O God,  And Know My Heart

Some people think  they are hiding  from God  all that is  in the very depths  of their hearts.     491 more words


MH370 Search: More Debris Found in Reunion

Sky’s David Bowden said it was discovered in a different location to the flaperon which is currently undergoing tests in France to find out if it is from MH370.

a search

The wind hissed, disoriented by its purposelessness.

The moon glared down, infuriated by its thankless job.

“Where am I going? Do I have a purpose? Do I have value? 506 more words


Short Blog this Month Because I'm Busy at TREC

This month’s blog will be short and sweet, for TREC reasons, as I will explain. (TREC, by the way, stands for Text REtrieval  1,619 more words


July Search Term Roundup

Here’s the top several searches that came to my blog in July 2015.  First of all, Google is encrypting more and more of their traffic, so unless you, O visitor, leave me a comment, I have no idea what you came for. 330 more words

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