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Enriching the Mobile and Intelligent SharePoint Intranet with Team News, Apps for Mobile and more

The intranet is the publishing center of all things happening throughout your company. It is where people keep up with news and discover what’s happening around them at work. 1,271 more words

Intro to Search: Anatomy of a search engine

Welcome to the second post in our “Intro to Search”-series! Today, we’ll dig into the building blocks of search engines to give you an idea of just how we identify what posts to show readers using WordPress.com’s search tool. 1,446 more words

Big Data


I recollect her gloves because they first drew my attention to her.  Placed side by side on her library desk, she arranged them with such neat precision they might have been elements of a ritual, fingers pointing towards me across the centre divide between our respective spaces, in perfect orientation with the upper left-hand corner of her book.  1,347 more words

Search for files in SharePoint Online

I was going to leave the title as Search, then realised it’s a rather big topic. Today, I’m only going to touch on the ways to search for files in SharePoint Online (2013 build). 337 more words


Dedication to Google

Today on Google’s Birthday, I dedicate this poem to Google.


If I was asked to Commend  something, on the New Technology,

Google, my first choice, would Be . 451 more words

Quote of the Day #136

“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.” (Tom Hiddleston)


Hey Siri?...Nevermind.

I am forever thinking about how difficult it must’ve been for my parents and grandparents to search for information. This could be because they are always reminding me of how easy today’s society has it compared to how it used to be. 584 more words

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