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Spoken For

I’m spoken for by Him

Spoken for with peace

Spoken for with love

Spoken for with truth

Don’t knock on my door if you aren’t one of these three… 113 more words


Meeting the Finder

Day 9: December 28, 2017

As we drove into the village, I looked around and wondered what it would have been like to have grown up here. 962 more words


You never forget a truth that sets you free

He had searched his vast library for a book that he said was a very significant on his spiritual journey. The difficulty was that most of his books were in boxes and not on shelves–years of moving caught up to him. 717 more words


Curriculum Vitae

I’m a nice guy in a quiet way,
Unshowy, without being grey.
I’m a star in the daytime
Outshone by other lights in the sky. 54 more words


The Past

I wonder sometimes why I am depressed? Mostly I wonder why me? Maybe there’s a purpose behind all this. I don’t really know. It’s crazy. Having no control over my emotions, over my body. 920 more words


The Earth's Worth

When I am out in nature I feel freer and more myself. It’s like my soul can breathe and I belong to something bigger than man made society. 161 more words

Finally in 景德镇

Day 8: December 27, 2017

This morning we took a road trip to Jingdezhen! I was so excited and anxious to finally be going to the city where I was supposedly born and where I lived for 10 months of my life. 624 more words