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I have this...

perverse inability to be content.
I’ve always been that way. I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon.

I close my eyes
And search my mind
For your face

Moments broken into
Fragments of memories
Are all I conceive

I hold your head in my hand… 13 more words


For me

I like to try and write poetry from time to time, here’s a recent attempt introduced by a quote that I liked and seemed to fit quite well. 194 more words


An Apology Letter To My Blog

Dear Blog,

I am sorry. Please accept my sincerest apology for being away for so long. It wasn’t anything you did or didn’t do, it was all me. 185 more words


What I can not find...

پارسا تو ملتے بہت، انساں نہیں ملتا

اس جیسے ملتے بہت، عثماں نہیں ملتا


روسیاہ ہی ہو گے راکھ کرید کے

جلتے ہوے گھر سے ساماں نہیں ملتا


The Post-Specialist-Appointment Slump

The other night I was feeling low. Just overwhelmed by everything. For a while I couldn’t work out why – the kids had enjoyed their day at school and done their homework fairly happily, our family favourite dinner of spaghetti bolognaise was polished off plus the last slices of the special mandarin cake I make for my birthday, I’d made some pleasing progress on my essay and the due date this week didn’t feel too ominous any more. 341 more words

Chronic Pain

Time's running out/Tiden rinner iväg

What if time really runs out. Do we then go time thirsting in the desert, searching for more time?

Om tiden verkligen skulle rinna iväg. Skulle vi då gå runt i öknen törstande efter mer tid?