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unspoken no. 2

That space,

between words–

the searching for the next syllable

and the not finding it–

is the only honest place

I have ever been.

The Single Life

Let’s put this out there once and for all.  I am FINE.  I don’t mean ‘damn that gurrl is fine’ fine (although, we all know I am);  I mean, fine.   925 more words

Life Is Messy

Lost in Lavender

Asleep or awake
Lost in these lavender mists
Still searching for you


Searching During the End Times

People search the Internet for information about “What will happen to Christians in the end times?”

Here’s two clues:

#1 – There’s very little true information to be had by Googling. 613 more words

Biblical Teachings


I am trying to start a new (technically not new, it’s about a month in the making) routine of taking 30 minutes in the morning, every morning, to sit and sip my coffee. 589 more words

Just Tell Me

Tell me….

Something good.



Where to...

He looks at me from the dark

no thoughts, no feelings.

Just a hard gaze

burning into my eyes.

Sometimes on the road of life… 54 more words