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Seeking and Finding

Jesus said that we should keep seeking and we will find.  He doesn’t spoil all the fun by saying that we will find what we seek. 417 more words

eBay to add photo-searching feature

July 28, 2017 – This week, eBay announced two new features to its platform called Image Search and Find it On eBay. Using computer vision, a new type of search feature that is becoming increasingly popular on most sites today, the tool can recognize …


What is success? How do you achieve it? Is success happiness? Getting rich? Becoming famous?

Everyone seems to be searching for success nowadays. I mean, if you for example think that success is happiness. 151 more words

Eluded Me

Why do we cease upon one letter?

Hold the word that could make a heart better?

I heard heart whispers from the core of my dreams… 130 more words


What Marriage Can't Do

Should marriage do that?

OFTEN the pursuit of marriage is chased after the same way as happiness or fulfillment is, it is believed to fill the holes in life. 367 more words


Hidden Truths #Poetry

Who am I?

Ominous and shuttered

Is this where my truths are hidden?

In the abyss of my mind

Matching the depths of a vast ocean… 39 more words

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