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I'm scared.

So, this is definitely my most personal and most depressing and most intense post yet, but I feel like there are things I have to let out right now…things that I can’t fully talk to anyone in my own life about. 1,391 more words

Mental Health


Give me one of the millions of poems thrown out into the ether

The ones conjured up as a salve for the dissatisfied and ravenous hoards… 212 more words


Cosplay Part I: A trip to Jo-Ann's

Note: I ran the idea for this post by my 11 year old daughter and got her approval. I’m trying model good online behavior for her and I hope that she does the same before she posts stuff about me. 671 more words


Can't Stop Writing Love (Poetry)

I tried to take a break

From writing all about you.

But you’ve been running through my mind,

So nothing to do

But write you these lines, 14 more words


Swagbucks 200 Million Celebration Collector's Bills! Earn up to a 94sb bonus!

Over the last few weeks, Swagbucks have been holding special celebratory events to mark a special milestone: $200 million given out to users in rewards! 476 more words

I lay awake.

I want nothing more than to feel something
But right now I’m numb

I’ve succumb to the torment and the pain

The stresses and strains… 117 more words

Door To My Heart

The door to my heart


Twenty four hours

Seven days

For now

The door to my heart

Come in

Take a look

See me… 31 more words