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447-366: Photos for Class

Find Creative Commons licensed images and have them automatically attributed using Photos for Class.

And here’s an example:



Opportunities don’t just fall in your lap. They “fall in your lap” because you’re working your butt off! It’s the meetings you set, the people you meet, and the chances you take that give you new opportunities. 282 more words


Losing Candour

I. Valour

Polished metal reflects very well.
A million bedazzling slivers of light dancing on a surface
Bared, raw-cut by drill bits of diamond
A precious kind of dark onyx you are, 443 more words

Is it really possible to have TOO many books?!

I read a recent blog post on The New York Review of Books by Tim Parks. In the blog post, Parks talks about the overproduction of reading material and how we just might have too much. 453 more words

Day 114

I keep looking

Thinking that maybe

If my eyes are open enough

And my mind is open enough

If I’m ever vigilant

And constantly aware… 46 more words


Poem - Mountain of God

I have passed this way before.
I have seen these desert grains pass through
worn and bleeding fingers.
I slept beneath these trees
and I cried upon the boulders. 53 more words


It's Hard On These Streets: The Search For Bae

I wanted to examine my complex relationship with beauty this week, and whether my love for dressing up is actually just a “choice” but come from a desire for me to obtain some visibility.   1,072 more words