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The song remains the same ...

There is a point when you begin to wonder if the problem really is you. That maybe, just maybe, you are your own saboteur.

There is a point when you begin to wonder how many times you can be violently thrown against the shores of despair and not be completely shattered … left for dead. 78 more words



I wish I knew
How love could make me feel
I wish I knew
The contentment of being home
I wish I knew
What it could be to never feel alone… 30 more words


Forever Waiting.

Forever waiting,
my heart skips a beat.
Forever waiting,
for happiness and I to meet.

All alone in the desert,
under the twinkling night sky. 75 more words

Required Booklets, However Searching for Eco Friendly Materials?

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The Road So Far

Have you ever thought of what you want to be doing in the future, well I know, I have, its so difficult to make up you mind, its like schizophrenia all over again. 127 more words


The Searching

The Searching

He fell asleep in a shed
During one terrible storm,
Having no other shelter
Trying to keep himself warm.

It was to do for now, 246 more words


First Blog Post

In the future, I want to search for my first blog post to remind myself why I’m writing it. English is my second language, so this post might have a couple of comma splices lol.  262 more words