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Some days, being present in now is a little more elusive.

While the delicious serenity of the silent now is always here, always around us, waiting for us to submerge ourselves in its lushness, some days it feels much more difficult to remember how to get there!

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The Importance Of Naming Your CV

Here’s something you might not have thought about – what to name your CV document. With so much focus on the content on your CV, it’s easy to forget about this one. 291 more words


To whom do you listen?

From a certain age when you are not doing what norm predicts, a handful of questions, are drafted to point out everything that you are not. 405 more words


What's Waiting on the Other Side of Turmoil?

–a Thanksgiving poem in a difficult time,
ending with a paraphrase of Julian of Norwich
which also contains a reference to Husker Du

What’s waiting on the other side of turmoil? 219 more words

Faithfulness and Love

If you are searching for something larger than life itself, greater than anything you can possibly imagine, then consider this…


Finding Loss

We’re so busy looking for something substantial to do with our lives, that sometimes we forget who we are in the process.


Searching for the Endless Summer

“Here I came to the very edge
where nothing at all needs saying,
everything is absorbed through weather and the sea,
and the moon swam back, 42 more words