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Notice: Illien Adoptions International, Inc. - Accreditation Cancelled

About two weeks ago Dr. F notified me that Illien Adoptions International, Inc. had their accreditation officially cancelled, after having it suspended in 2014. SOC SEAD also had its Indian license revoked temporarily in 2014. 310 more words


What’s Raena Done Now

We’re Back!!! Ifin ya’ follow us on Facebook, you know why we weren’t ‘round on Wednesday, but ifin ya’ don’t, then you’re purrobably wonderin’ what happened. 1,307 more words

Blog Hops

On the Edge of Reality

Like night and day, no one can say which way you’ll turn;
To the right or left, jump in the light or run into the night, 168 more words


Shadow Casting

I stare at a blank page in front of me, looking for a place to start… seems like that would come easy with the blankness staring back at me. 401 more words


My First Interview

The job search can be intimidating, grueling, and often disappointing. However, it is a process we all must go through. I, unfortunately, started that process really really REALLY late, especially being an upcoming music teacher. 1,626 more words



I wish I thought you missed me,

Just to hold onto that comfort.

Don’t worry, I won’t insult you like that —

I know you moved on… 71 more words



It’s so easy to write words,
It’s hard to delve deep into their meaning.
Syllables can hide their feelings,
But can my voice be deceiving? 166 more words