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What I'm Going to, and What You Should, Miss About Chicago

Two days from now I am leaving my hometown, and for once I have no idea when I will be back. No Thanksgiving or Christmas pulling me home this time. 473 more words


8 Hours in Chi-Town

My boyfriend and I recently had an 8 hour layover in the beautiful and windy city of Chicago.  If ever you find yourself with a long layover anywhere TAKE ADVANTAGE! 491 more words


More Quantum Weirdness

If you put 3 pigeons in two pigeonholes, two pigeons must be in one of them. Not so says quantum mechanics in a new paper [ Proc. 177 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Willis Tower Is No Longer One of the Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World!

Chicago’s Willis Tower (or Sears Tower) has dropped to number 11 on the list of the world’s tallest building.

The Shanghai Tower pushed Chicago’s skyscapper out of the top 10 – a first since its completion in 1974. 94 more words


The Willis Tower Isn't In the Top 10 Of The World's Tallest Buildings Anymore!

There was a point when the Willis Tower (back when it went by it’s correct Sears Tower name) was the tallest building in the word. 87 more words


Sears Tower (Not Willis!) Giving Away Weddings On Their Skydeck

Sears Tower (I just can’t call it Willis) wants to throw four weddings on the Skydeck for Valentine’s Day!

Maybe I shouldn’t say “throw” from the 103rd floor… or it would be four weddings and a funeral. 22 more words