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Willis Tower Up For Sale

CHICAGO (CBS) – The Willis Tower is perhaps the most recognized Chicago landmark and now the most expensive property ever up for sale here.

While there is no “For Sale” sign in the window, management sources have confirmed the Willis Tower is on the market. 204 more words


In Chicago: Terror Bomb Plotter Released from Cook County Jail

February 11, 2015

The narco-terror ringleader who planned the 2009 bombing of Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago studios and the iconic Sears Tower has been released from jail, his newfound freedom facilitated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 122 more words

Radical Islam

rush hour

Willis Tower – Chicago 2013

A stock image I made of the John F. Kennedy section of I-94 heading into Hubbard’s Cave.

This is a road I’m on pretty much every day, and this is a view of… 27 more words


Tom 365 - February 7, 2015

The City in Winter.

We may complain and grumble, but even with snow covered sidewalks and bus stops, we still love this city.


Stairs Suicides

When I was little, my favorite activity in gym class went by the name of Suicides. It took place on a basketball court and involved running back and fourth from one line to the next before the whistle. 266 more words


Bean and Nash In The Windy City

Emphasis on windy. Super emphasis. The most emphasis.

I spent the last five days in Chicago visiting my best friends from abroad. Two of us are based in Chicago and the other two are based in New York and Boston, so we figured we would bring the fun to the midwest for a change of pace. 983 more words


FEARLESS FRIDAYS - Mike Grosso faces his fear of heights

“FEARLESS FRIDAYS is something new for 2015. During our big scary debut year, many of our members will be facing their biggest fears and posting about the experience on Fridays.” 431 more words