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Da Capo

It’s a process of discovery and rediscovery. The first time I paint a place, I’m learning how to translate it into two dimensions, but every subsequent painting becomes more of an investigation into the spirit of the place and the effect it has on me. 87 more words


Coastal Quartet


There are two ways to look at the tides along the coast – they are either arriving or going out. I love both situations, with their subtle surprises and nuanced colors. 102 more words


Two girls playing in rock pools - Rene Legrand

  • Rene Legrand 1923- 1996
  • Two girls playing in rock pools
  • Oil on Canvas  Signed
  • 49 x 56 cm

Children paddling in the sea - Rene Legrand

  • Rene Legrand 1923-1996 French
  • Children paddling in the sea
  • Oil on Canvas  Signed
  • 20 x 28.5 cm

Rodeo Beach, California

If I had to exhile from humanity into a dessert island, I’d take Rodeo Beach with me. To avoid confussion and potential claims, let me say it’s exactly the opposite of a paradisiac beach. 143 more words