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The Man Trap At Fifty

Fifty years have come and gone
And Star Trek still is clinging on.
It’s logical. Don’t be surprised.
TOS was Vulcanized!


1.01: 3 WTF Moments

  1. Shane + Lori = TLA. One thing The Walking Dead does consistently well is obfuscate timelines. If there was an Emmy for obfuscating timelines, The Walking Dead would win year after year, until finally they had to withdraw from the competition (like Oprah) to give others a chance.
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Season 1, Episode 1

Ugh, that's so Nick at Nite.

At the end of S1E1, Lorelai and Rory are sitting in the diner and Lorelai says, “So tell me about the guy. Is he dreamy?” To which Rory replies, “Ugh, that’s so Nick at Nite.” 85 more words

Season 1

On the way home you can pull a Menendez.

In S1E1, after Rory spends the whole day being sassy and rude to Lorelai, Lorelai finally pleads with her, “Okay, look, I know you and me are¬†having a thing here and I know you hate me but I need you to be civil. 62 more words

Season 1