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Dream Corp, LLC; Episode 01x01 and 01x02 Recap: "Episode One", "The Smoking Nun"

Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and we have a new show premiere on our hands. From the executive producers Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski comes the dreamy experiences of  957 more words


Conviction: S1E1 Pilot

I may be a little biased on this review because Hayley Atwell can honestly do no wrong.

Conviction is a crime drama that centers around an investigative task force created to exonerate wrongfully convicted criminals.   247 more words


Timeless: S1E1 Pilot

Timeless is kitschy as hell and I loved watching every minute of it.

Essentially, there’s three random characters: A history professor, a soldier, and a scientist who must travel through time following the evil bad man who is trying to destroy certain points in history.   265 more words


The Man Trap At Fifty

Fifty years have come and gone
And Star Trek still is clinging on.
It’s logical. Don’t be surprised.
TOS was Vulcanized!


1.01: 3 WTF Moments

  1. Shane + Lori = TLA. One thing The Walking Dead does consistently well is obfuscate timelines. If there was an Emmy for obfuscating timelines, The Walking Dead would win year after year, until finally they had to withdraw from the competition (like Oprah) to give others a chance.
  2. 376 more words
Season 1, Episode 1