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Haikyu!! - 20 Question Anime Review

What’s the show? Haikyu!!

Hmm, two exclamation marks… does that mean this is the second season? No, it’s just, okay I don’t know why they decided to stylise this with… 722 more words


Hot Cerveza Messes

It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating it Crafts & Draft style! With my very first guest appearance for craft time, we are crafting up decorative balls! 346 more words

Season 1

Farmin’ and a Knittin’

This episode I’m calling in an extra special guest appearance to explain the farmhouse saison. Farmer Joe let’s us know where they came from and what you’re looking for in taste! 148 more words

Season 1

Time to Dye

It’s almost Easter and personally, I’m sick of the vinegar smell to dye my eggs! That’s why I’m trying out a new way to dye my eggs! 200 more words

Season 1

Spring Wheat

It’s spring time here on Crafts & Draft which makes me think of wheat, flowers, and bunnies! That’s why I’m serving up the wheat beer. Perfect for a spring afternoon, this beer will leave you happy! 220 more words

Season 1

Potters and Porters

For a new garden bed idea, checkout this episode! I’m drinking up the porter. Dark and full of flavor, this is the perfect beer for after work or for rainy day readings. 170 more words

Season 1

Stout Paddy's Day

In celebration of St. Paddy’s Day, I’m taking on the Irish’s beer claim to fame- the stout. Perfect for a rainy day or add some creamed whiskey to do a bomb shot, this beer is delicious! 307 more words

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