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Supernatural Season 1 Episode 4: Phantom Traveler

Intro to demons,
Continuity errors,
Hum Metallica. 

We’re back again and man…this episode…I feel like this is the last episode of vague stumbling before the show really hits its stride with “Bloody Mary” and “Skin”, broken up by more derping with “Hookman” and “Bugs”, and then the wombo combo of “Home”, “Asylum”, “Scarecrow”, and “Faith”. 1,288 more words


I'm Nancy Kerrigan. And I'm Tonya Harding.

In S1E11, Rory and Lorelai are going to go ice skating. Rory tells Sookie, “I’m Nancy Kerrigan,” and Lorelai says, “And I’m Tonya Harding. I’m going to do the whole ‘shoelace coming untied, nervous breakdown, let me start again’ act.” 104 more words

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Paris is Burning

The title of Season 1, Episode 11 is “Paris is Burning.” Of course, it refers to Paris Geller, who behaves horribly in the episode. However, the title could also reference the 1990 documentary about drag queens in New York City.

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Psycho was on earlier and it was just the first name that came to mind.

In S1E11, Rory and Max are coming up with names to call each other outside of school. Max says he’ll call Rory “Rebecca” and Rory says she’ll call Max “Norman.” Max exclaims, “Norman? 49 more words

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 8

Stitchers Season 1 Episode 8 Fire in the Hole

While Kirsten get at Stitches, she found it has problem and there is alarm everywhere. Cameron grab her run to the room, where they make surprise birthday party for her. 257 more words


It's the whole "Marilyn Monroe/Arthur Miller" syndrome.

In S1E11, Madeline and Louise are talking about who Mr. Medina is dating, and Louise guesses that his girlfriend is dumb, because “dumb girls crave smart men. 83 more words

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Eleanor 24



So, my step-mother’s pissed. Not at me, for once, so…that’s nice. But there’s still a bit of spill-over from it to me. 594 more words