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Season 4 — Episode 6: Intermission (A Remnant of Theramore)

The tent was quiet for the moment.

The last screaming patient had been carried out, and a new one hadn’t been brought in yet. Sionis’ pause lasted longer than usual, which prompted the Loremaster to stop preparing bandages and glance up at the mage. 1,346 more words

WoW Adventures

One Hundred and Ninety Four

Ali was made for the job.

They all knew it.

He learnt exceptionally fast.

And he didn’t just learn.

He excelled. In everything.

Every task he had been sent out for went successfully. 794 more words

Season 4

#85 Living on a Prayer


Betsy, Greg, and Liz welcome special guest Josh Larsen on the podcast to talk about prayer, storytelling, and the power of film to create community and conversation. 51 more words

Season 4

One Hundred and Ninety Three

As narrated by Meez:

The glare of the slowly setting sun disappears as we drive into the underground car parking lot.

Our driver, Hamaad, stops outside the lobby of Hilton hotel and we jump off. 1,042 more words

Season 4

Living Conditions / Lonely Hearts

This week on Chosen we discuss bad roommates and weird quirks. As Mel and Marissa pop over to Angel we discuss loving yourself and letting love happen naturally. 26 more words

Season 4