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Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 3, "Breaker of Chains"

An early morning discussion of what is likely to be one of the more controversial episodes this season…

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Race For The Iron Throne

GoT - Breaker of Chains

After last week’s turbulent episode, it’s time for a more peaceful episode, just catching up with stuff. However peaceful a GoT episode is, there would always be at least a couple of goosebump-worthy scenes. 755 more words


“What Makes a Good King? Ideally, Not This…” GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Episode 3- ‘Breaker of Chains’

This review is written from the point of view of someone who hasn’t read the books. Don’t be mad and keep your spoilers where they belong: screaming inside of your brain at the ignorance of the masses. 4,094 more words

Game Of Thrones

Discourse of Thrones: Jaime, Cersei, and Confronting Rape

Discourse of Thrones: Jaime, Cersei, and Confronting Rape

April 21st, 2014

When I wrote my review of “Breaker of Chains” on Sunday afternoon, I certainly knew that the scene between Jaime and Cersei at the Sept of Baelor would cause a conversation. 1,671 more words


Game of Thrones - Breaker of Chains (S04E03)

Depois de vermos o finalzinho do Casamento Roxo, com Cersei gritando pela prisão de Tyrion e que achem imediatamente Sansa, podemos respirar e pensar que Westeros é um lugar melhor sem o rei Joffrey. 1,711 more words


The Reception of the Purple Wedding

Joffrey’s still dead. We’re all still celebrating. Stannis is still bitter. Rickon is still MIA. Oberyn is still very open-minded. Tyrion is still fucked while Tywin is already taking control. 732 more words

So... GoT

Okay, just finished watching E3 of S4 of Game of Thrones.

Really? Did anything happen in that episode that we didn’t already know?

Save for a scene or two that were meant as shocking I guess, I don’t think they could have made a more boring episode if they tried. 115 more words

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