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Haying Season

I wrote this back in mid June when I happened to be waiting for my dachshund to have eye surgery. Then life got busy and I did not finish posting it. 825 more words


this the season

this the season
Author: http://www.sxc.hu
License: You can use this the season for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 28 more words

Samore's #Catfish season 4 episode 15 | Thad & Sara (Review/Recap) - YouTube

#Catfish season 4 episode 15 | Thaddius & Sara ❤❤SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL http://goo.gl/Iwcfj7 & NEVER MISS ONE OF MY HOT REVIEW / RECAPS #SamoreLoveBugz ❤❤…

Charlotte Episode #05

Oh look, it’s Nao Tomori’s friends who call her out for some chit-chat… 202 more words


Working!!! Episode #05

Remember last week where Mahiru got dejected that Souta didn’t notice her one bit? Well, seems that Takanashi-kun got affected that he cleaned the whole house sparkly-clean! 262 more words


Symphogear GX Episode #05

This is Carol’s father, who happened to be an alchemist despite being a bumbling dad. Too bad though as he was burned alive for being a heretic… and that was centuries ago! 249 more words


Ore Monogatari!! Episode #17

Oh look, seems that Rinko Yamato doesn’t like spicy food for some reason… 262 more words