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Doris Baby Bump

I got the opportunity to do a maternity shoot for one of my friends friend this past weekend. I’m posting a few that I have edited. 89 more words



Waxy shine on leaves
Thunderheads ushering out
The warmest season

My Autumn

I’ll crawl from beneath these sheets and blankets

when the ballots are cast,

and the TV quits blaring.

When the leaves have turned over on the sidewalk, 58 more words


Winter Falls

As the sun sets and temperature falls,

Allergies bug like collection calls,

Weather changes the mood within,

Tea, cocoa, and egg nog begin,

Fire wood burns a fragrant smoke, 52 more words


"Bathing" Ange Vierge Review and Recommendations

“So if everyone in zombie movies became zombies, there’d be nothing left to eat”

Ange Vierge is an anime based off a card game by Fujimi Shobo and Media Factor. 468 more words


That Sweater & Colour

No matter how much money that we may have, we are quite curious, in awe of- and aware of aesthetics surrounding us. Whether in the natural environment, thanks to Mother Nature, or in the more aesthetically human-made one, we see it all: That beautiful sculpture, the eccentric painting, or the oh-m-g overtly decorated food dish that we’re scared to eat because it looks too good lol. 648 more words

Autumn To Do List

The smell of the crisp morning air, the sight of leaf lined streets, the feel of that extra layer, the taste of cinnamon covered root vegetables and the sound of the rain drops on the window pane. 128 more words