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The Vernal Foliage that Never Knew Decay

Your vernal foliage never had to go through the anguish of decay. Even hundred years on, your Shinryoku remains a harbinger of hope for everyone who chances an eye on them. 28 more words


Do Seasons have Emotions?

Spring is coming.

Spring is coming.

I hear that chant everywhere.

Everybody is excited that spring is coming. Weather is changing. The flowers are blooming in the flower beds and there is happiness all around after months of snow, rain and coldness.  231 more words


Koufuku Graffiti Episode #12

On this final episode, there’s great news as both Ryou and Kirin passed the entrance exam. And together with Shiina-san. they’ll become classmates on the same high school! 377 more words


Durarara!!×2 Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Shizuo and he’s telling Mikado-kun that he’s leaving Dollars as he doesn’t want to get associated by kidnappers… 417 more words


Death Parade Episode #12

By the way, I forgot about introducing Oculus as he’s being out of the loop lately. Now, he doesn’t want Nona’s plans to succeed… 419 more words


Aldnoah.Zero Episode #24

Oh look, it’s Princess Lemrina. Of course, if only Count Slaine Troyard betrothed her sooner…

Anyways, with Princess Asseylum’s declaration in Ep. 23, some Orbital Knights are questioning Slaine as they continue fighting against the United Earth Forces. 394 more words


Land of Perpetual Summer

It was called “The Land of Perpetual Summer”. It is not that the Vampire Bat didn’t like that title for the city which did a lot for him during his middle ages. 530 more words