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Beer is Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder

Since 2009, Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing has been producing Maiden the Shade, a “summer IPA” created to help celebrate an annual fair.

It recently received a new look… 890 more words


Heading to VA for Business or Pleasure? Be sure to stop at Loudoun County (LoCo) Breweries

It’s always fun to experience local beer goodness off the beaten path, but Virginia farmland is not where I’d expect to find  yummy craft brews – yet Loudoun county, VA boasts close to 25 breweries in its 147,000 acres of farmland (the colloquial response when I our tour guides about the size of the county.)  Leesburg is the only urban sprawl in Loudoun County. 1,049 more words

Spring: the Season for a Saison

Ahhh, the first proper weekend of springtime. I could feel the sigh of relief from across the country yesterday when we not only got some blue sky but a warming sun as well. 434 more words

Tomato, Fruit or Vegetable?

Identify the correct statement:

A. Tomatoes are fruits.
B. Tomatoes are vegetables.
C. Tomatoes are berries.
D. All of the above.

The key to this question is the key to most questions: first agree on definitions. 647 more words

American Beer

Christmas Beers 2016

Hopefully you all had a good Christmas.  I managed to get through a number of Christmas seasonal beers this year, and so I thought I would comment on the best (and the worst of them). 559 more words

Beer Reviews

The Vicious Cycle of Seasonal Craft Beer

In the book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek tells a story about how the American car manufacturing industry created the norm of cash back incentives for new car purchases. 1,665 more words

The Finer Things In Life

Florida Beer Friday - Holiday Edition: Big Storm Dunder & Blixem

From a garage system in 2012 to a brand new, second facility in Pinellas County, Big Storm Brewing is growing faster than most can keep up with. 95 more words