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Some 8 Degrees Specials

I recently picked up these 3 8 Degrees one offs or specials in O’Briens Galway. First up on the tasting list Nomad India Pale Larger 5%. 120 more words


Look on my works, ye mighty...

In 2003, a large statue of Saddam Hussain was toppled in Firdos Square, Bagdad. Video of the destruction was something of a media sensation. (Whether the event was staged or spontaneous is still unclear, but it sure seems like a brilliant photo-op.) For the most part, the destruction was met with approbation. 734 more words

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Bitter Cold

When the weather turned cold on my last visit to the Czech Republic, I had many a glass of hot blackcurrant wine. But whether my winter warmer is mulled wine, hot rum, or high alcohol beer, I have a habit of thanking my drink with a line from… 378 more words


2016 The Year of Experimental Craft Beer

2015 is behind us, and those that thought there would be a slow down when it came to the craft beer industry have to now swallow their pride and admit the end is not yet in sight. 541 more words

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What Would Donald Trump Drink?

I try to avoid getting political with the beer-vent calendar, but certain candidates in this presidential race, or more specifically the comments made by certain candidates, make me seriously consider my options for relocating to Europe… and so, in honor of tonight’s debate, I have selected two European winter beers. 122 more words


Top 5 Drinks to Serve at Your Christmas Party

It’s finally December, which means the Christmas and holiday parties are approaching rapidly. Christmas parties require food, decorations and of course, the most important thing of all: alcoholic beverages to get the party going. 369 more words


Seasonal Craft Beers to Keep You Warm This Winter

The holidays are here, which means the breweries in Brevard have been working hard to craft some of their most creative and festive beers. Seasonal craft beers often include flavors that represent the season like pumpkin, cranberry, mocha, cinnamon and spice. 383 more words