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An Eclipsed Equinox

This weekend marks Ostara, the time of the Spring Equinox when all comes into balance for a very brief period before tipping over into Summer. Night and Day, cold and warm, closed and open, hibernating and active. 557 more words


Spring Equinox Pt 1: Persian New Year

I am always on the lookout for a new beginning. Please, God, renew me, because the current me just doesn’t measure up. So Persian New Year was a great discovery: it falls on Spring Equinox. 544 more words

Seasonal Celebrations

Notes on Spring Clean Up

Just because there are patches of snow on the ground does not mean it is too early for spring clean up. Quite the contrary, since the ground in early spring tends to be either 1) frozen; or 2) a muddy mire. 578 more words

Gardening Techniques

Spring Cleaning

It’s March, the sun is shining, for some reason I have a great need to be ‘doing’ things. I started in the garden, where the second priority (after planting the first seeds of the year) was the removal of last year’s dead stems as the new shoots start poking up out of the ground. 715 more words

Being Connected

Spring creeps in

When I think about the nearly-thirty-one years of seasons that I’ve experienced, Spring often seems to creep in slowest of the seasons; the others have a firmer  618 more words

Celebrating Nature


Last Sunday was Imbolc, the first festival of Spring marking the transition into the active time of the year. The word means Ewe’s milk, because in days of old the first lambs were born and there would be milk to drink again. 409 more words


Imbolc & The Rites of Women: The Midwinter Festival of Lights

Across the world, for thousands of years, our ancestors held great festivals, rituals and feasts to mark the astrological alignments of the sun and moon (solstices, equinoxes, and cross quarters days). 839 more words

Seasonal Celebrations