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Wild Rose Cupcakes & Buttercream Frosting: A Divine Confection

“Mystery glows in the rose bed, the secret is hidden in the rose.” 12th Century Persian Poem

Don’t underestimate the power of this demure, pretty, little cupcake. 1,012 more words


What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

~Magickal Graphics~

You’re right about a nice dinner and time with family. Here’s what else will make Mom happy this weekend

Author: Sheila Schmitz: Houzz Editor… 151 more words

Mother's Day.gifts

May. And pixie dust.

Many with an earth-centred spirituality believe that, at Beltane and Samhain, the veil between our world and spirit worlds is at its thinnest. In recent years I’ve noticed that I tend to feel this closeness for pretty much all of May – perhaps starting in late April. 310 more words

Celebrating Nature

Beltane eve

This week’s page of my beautiful Earth Pathways Diary is focussed on Beltane. The author of the inspiring piece of writing, Marion McCartney, chooses passion… 401 more words


Rewilding & Eco-feminism & The Reclamation of Magic

Okay so lets start by going back to the very beginning – women and wild food. Because once upon a time all food was wild – and it was the women who gathered it. 1,426 more words

Seasonal Celebrations

Not for Publication

(I've been writing of how to find common celebrations across different beliefs, a good and worthy search. And, now, let's give voice to the other side: when commonality isn't appropriate.) 147 more words

Spring Equinox Part 2: Sometimes just noticing is enough

The morning wake up alarm goes off far earlier than our normal routine. We don’t hit snooze once. James and I pull on clothes in the dark, catch a bus, walk into an urban forest. 542 more words