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Seasonal Holiday Celebrations Increase Morale

Sharon’s Productivity Tips

Celebrations build positive morale in the workplace and increase motivation. Both of these contribute to a more cohesive team and higher productivity. 367 more words

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Autumn Equinox

This week was the Equinox, when day and night equalise briefly as the sun passes over the equator. Here in the Northern hemisphere we have now entered the ‘dark’ time of the year. 342 more words

Seasonal Celebrations

Farewell to Summer?

So we are back from our trip, and I find that Summer in our garden is coming to an end.

Some of the summer flowers are in slow decline. 285 more words

Garden Tour

Labor Day 2015

To the men and women who are the back bone of this country

Magickal Graphics

Seasonal Celebrations

Corn Dollies

Last weekend was the pagan harvest festival of Lughnasadh, or Lammas if you prefer. It celebrates primarily the grain harvest, used for making the staples of beer and bread. 318 more words

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Celebrating Harvests -- Sweet & Bitter

Lammas, on August 1 is a strangely secret holiday in the modern world, though our ancestors knew it well across many northern cultures. It lands at the mid-point between Summer Solstice & Fall Equinox, when the first grains of the field might be gathered. 403 more words


Wildcrafted Summer Libations: Herb and Blossom Infused Sake

What can be more delicious, cool and reviving on a warm sultry evening than Herb & Blossom Infused Sake served chilled over ice? Who knew that Sake, a dry Japanese rice wine, made such a gracious host for herbal and floral infusions? 603 more words