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Seasonal Style without the Seasonal Snow

As I write its 65 degrees outside. Spring bulbs and forsythia have begun to emerge for a premature bloom. Rochester has received a whopping 1.2 inches of snow so far this year…and that happened on one night over a month ago. 1,002 more words

Historic Preservation

Tree for the Birds

This is happening…

And also this,

And this…

And this.

Christmas is creeping in.

And we are having fun with it!

We will give the tree a proper make over the week before Christmas, but for now, this is what we have going… and it is good. 32 more words


decorating for winter

When it comes to Winter decorating, most people think of Christmas. Or perhaps Kwanza or Chanukah or another religious-inspired event that happens during the Winter. But last time I checked, Winter lasts significantly longer than any of these holidays, so why not decorate for the season rather than the occasion? 248 more words

Mecc Interiors

Snow, It Falls

“Look out the window honey, I think I see a couple of snow flakes!” …

Became, “lets go for a walk, see if we can catch a couple of snow flakes on our mitts”, 156 more words


The Forest Beyond the Trees

Almost 40 years ago my Dad bestowed a wonderful gift to me. He wanted me to own land in PEI “so you always have a place to call home” was his reasoning and I didn’t argue. 662 more words

Seasonal Decorating

Hidden Dangers in Fall Decorations (And Other Fall Fire Safety Tips!)

By Sarah Layton

I didn’t make it 30 feet into Jo-Ann Fabric before stopping at a shelf.

“50 percent off decorative pumpkins and it’s not even November yet?” I said partially to myself, partially to make a case to my begrudging husband who had accompanied me craft shopping earlier this season. 618 more words

Adding a Beautiful Wreath Will Round Out Your Decorating Style

Wreaths can last all year long; they’re not just for the holidays.

Many of us think of wreaths as decorative elements only for the December holidays or for Thanksgiving, but the fact is that a decorative wreath – depending on its style – can add a beautiful touch to your home all year long. 214 more words