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5 best winter fruits

Take to these seasonal delights to remain in the pink of health!

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Strawberry, Custard Apple, Apple, Orange and Grapes.

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Health benefits of Custard Apple

సీతాఫలాలను కొనేముందు గుర్తుంచుకోవాల్సిన విషయాలూ కొన్నున్నాయి. అవేంటంటే..continue

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Autumn leaves, seasonal fruits...

“Autumn leaves, seasonal fruits

Nature’s colourful transformation.

Serene greens, copper reds:

combined & intwined; enthused & fused

Announcing Earth’s harvest celebrations”.

(c) Mk 2017 for #NationalPoetryDay

apple cinnamon jelly roll

crisp autumn air, gold and burgundy leaves and the sun that tries to break through the foggy sky to warm us up one last time this year. 348 more words

Apfel Kuchen

Fruits in season

It’s October👻🎃🍬So you better be expecting some autumnal and halloweeny bakes! Especially as we have some new delicious fruits in season… 98 more words


Brandy Poached Guavas

When I was a kid, every Sunday my mom would whip up some sort of dessert, whether it was store-bought apple pie and ice cream or make-your-own dessert where she guided my brother and I in making our own desserts from this stack of recipe cards we had in the kitchen. 610 more words


Fruits in season

September! Autumn is just round the corner (/has basically been around for ages if you live in England) which means a whole new variety of gorgeous fruits- which are… 117 more words