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Garlic Roasted Artichokes

I spotted these beauties at Whole Foods and bought them completely on impulse.

How beautiful are these?

Beauty really is all around us and found every day. 408 more words


White Spargal (Asparagus)

Here is something new I’ve never seen until arriving in Berlin, white asparagus. And not just your ordinary stalks of asparagus, but rather asparagus on steroids and devoid of all color. 78 more words


Beauty And The Biste

Beauty And The Biste

This recipe was suggested to me by Julian, in the comments section of “Turn On The Summer”, below. The beauty of it is that consists entirely of recently stored and newly harvested vegetables and herbs. 211 more words


Stir-fried Water Spinach with Fermented Bean Curd (腐乳通菜)

It always makes me happy to see water spinach in season.  Sometimes known as the “hollow stem” spinach or Ong Choy, this popular vegetable among the working class, especially peasants, in Southeast Asia back in the old days is now widely enjoyed by mostly everyone.  205 more words


Stir-fried Luffa with Garlic (清炒絲瓜)

Most people associate luffa with that rough, fibrous thing you use to scrub down dead skin.  Yes, it is great for that, once it has aged to the stage where the center of the vegetable is hardened and hallow.   153 more words


Bibimbap-Korea scramble rice

Bibimbap, one of the traditional dishes in Korea, it means “mix rice”. Bibimbap is served with rice, a egg, sautéed seasonal vegetables, customer`s preference of meat<beef, chicken, pork, and seafood>,and spicy sauce. 240 more words

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