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Tree plant is coming.

2 months away from heading back into the bush, and all the good and the bad are coming back in full color, vivid dreams. Every day seems like it lasted a thousand hours, and before this season starts and obliterates the Techni-color memories of last year, I’d like to at least hastily transcribe last year. 1,894 more words


Spring Fever

February, February – the month of love, right? How about, simply, the month of love yourself? These past few weeks, my RSS feed has been inundated with articles and blog posts from this fashion authority and that, on how to style the perfect look for the perfect date. 546 more words

Roast Venison Tenderloin

Oh Culinary School, how I miss you. I remember you fondly; when I had only 4 hours of class each day and when I could wake up at 11 and have drinks at 5:30. 945 more words


Easter Cakes

As Easter is creeping up on us again, I thought I’d share previous years Easter Cakes and their recipes.

Last year’s offerings are by far my favourites, so if you fancy giving them a try yourself, the recipe is below. 875 more words


White Wine Poached Pear Salad

“Daniel… Daniel… DANIEL!”

Chef was calling across the kitchen on a Saturday last week at 3:05. I had already been at work since 1:45 and came to work early to get started on my depleted mise en place from our usual Friday night rush.   1,008 more words


Pierre Khodja grew up in Marseille and, like the author after whom the restaurant is named, had similar experiences of being Algerian in a place that identified as French. 1,103 more words

The Chefs