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Rain Days at Manilla: I.

The annual pattern of rain day rainfall

In Manilla, the mean pattern of rainfall on rain days through the months of the year is simple and regular. 747 more words

Manilla NSW

Is the Crude Oil Rally Over?

Déjà vu. Crude oil prices dropped as much as 24% over the past two months. Does this mean the oil rally is over?

Here is a look at various timeframes and indicators to help answer this question. 521 more words


Commodity Spreads Watchlist: August 2016

Date of analysis: July 31, 2016

Last month was testing my patience, because I did not do any trades in July. The entry dates of all… 92 more words


Some stress IS good for you

We’ve often been told that in order to survive in this life, we should avoid undue stress at all costs. An interesting article released in… 399 more words

21 July 2016: Brexit and UK seasonal fruit

The UK Guardian has a good article on farmers’ concerns about the future of British strawberries and other seasonal fruit post-Brexit. This looks at how the industries will survive if  bans are introduced on EU migrant workers. 60 more words

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Seasonality … the ‘strawberry challenge’

Where I work, we talk a lot about seasonality and it has become a topic that could be discussed for hours on end.

I am trying to understand it myself, at the end of the day, in my opinion there is not real right or wrong answer. 236 more words


Woe To Seasonality

From Alhambra Investment Partners, by Jeffrey P. Snider

So much of the basis for monetary policy was put in place in the 1960’s study of the 1930’s. 1,479 more words