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Two medical-related phone calls yesterday. This is basically me settling in for Winter, when my physical and mental health both go from bad to worse – I take about twice as much pain relief and antispasmodics in winter as I do in summer, my sleep pattern goes to pieces, I eat less often and less well, usually coinciding with my guts slowing down, and I get much more upsetting and graphic suicidal thoughts, not to mention the increase in self-harm for both pain-relief and mental-illness related reasons. 696 more words

Is the Bull Market Over?

It’s time for an update on the most powerful stock market indicator in recent history – the major market top indicator.

This indicator (dubbed ‘secret sauce’) correctly foreshadowed the 1987, 2000 and 2007 market tops. 880 more words

S&P 500

Seasonal Choppy Markets -- Newsletter Preview --

This week we finish Quarter three of 2015, some might say with a bang … some might say a bust. While we are not huge fans of seasonality or rhyming trends — sometimes the facts are just the facts and we have to yield to history. 176 more words

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Weekend Charts: High Stakes Poker

High stakes poker, winner takes all. Traders better have their trade plans ready: The next 3 weeks will likely determine whether we enter a lengthy bear market or whether bulls can use coming positive seasonality to avert a major market break one more time. 1,335 more words


Is the S&P 500 Forming a 2007-Like Top?

I got this e-mail from a loyal reader/subscriber the other day:

Hi Simon, I have been following your articles for a couple of years now. 441 more words

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After equinox

It was a lovely morning, the morning of the Equinox. I let the chickens out around 7.00 and took a few photographs to record the turning year. 452 more words



This has been a horrible, horrible week.

Over the past ten days I’ve nearly drowned (Blacked out in the water at the pool, fished out still-unconscious by lifeguard, couldn’t get right leg or lower spine to support me, had to get ferried home in the car by Dearest), nearly gone under an HGV (See the long post about the bike) and on Friday, after my dog had spent half an hour screaming every time he tried to move, requiring him to go to the vet for an emergency consultation, I was bluntly told that he probably had terminal bone cancer. 554 more words