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What are the other ways to cut you Carbon Foodprint?

So far the focus of our pledge has been encouraging you to make small changes to your diet by swapping out high carbon foods. This blog post will show you that there is another way for you to have a greener relationship with your food: eating local food in season. 369 more words

Gold Stocks’ Winter Rally

By Adam Hamilton – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

The gold miners’ stocks have largely ground sideways this year, consolidating their massive 2016 gains. That lackluster trading action, along with vexing underperformance relative to gold, has left gold stocks deeply out of favor. 3,103 more words


Research Insight: why long queues might be desirable

This article identifies that retailers should not be too worried if long queues form during seasonal sales.  This is because sales attract a different kind of shopper to those who regularly shop in the store.   69 more words

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November produce guide

Autumn is on full swing with the usual apples and cabbages. And it’s around November when all the citrus are right in season, a great way to fight of all those colds from the changing weather. 153 more words


A horrifically good investment strategy

Halloween is behind us. Which offers me the possibility to not talk about dominant central banks, for once. Even though, we now know who the new Fed chair will be and that rates are going up again in December. 832 more words


Seasonal safety stock in Power Pivot

Seasonality is an important phenomenon to consider for many businesses, and in the context of this post refers not only to seasons in terms of Winter, Summer, and so on, but will also consider how you can report on business activity in terms of custom-defined seasons. 1,243 more words

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Influenza Herd-Level Prevalence and Seasonality in Breed-to-Wean Pig Farms in the Midwestern United States

The Torremorell lab is continuing to explore swine influenza epidemiology in this recent publication from Dr. Fabian Chamba Pardo in Frontiers in Veterinary Science. After showing that… 465 more words