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Waking the garden up

Its at this time in the turn of the seasons that gardeners and allotmenteers the world over start to turn their attentions not to the crops carefully brought through the winter but to the new crops to be grown the forthcoming year.   402 more words

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Lettuce con courgette spaghetti

As it is valentine’s day, I will start with something very un-politically correct in the post-grad-researcher world. We are naturally expected to complain, over-heat like any over-used computer and more than anything, … 861 more words


A mousemat of crocuses

A  little rise in temperature, another quarter-hour of daylight, a couple of days with some sunshine and this week  the garden surges with energy.

Under the somewhat sulky teenage oak tree, a being of gangly limbs, unsightly growths and increasing girth and vigour, I have started to establish a carpet of Whitewell Purple

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How seasonal components can be represented as sinusoids in a regression model.

@tachyeonz : There was a verbal solution given to this problem in the members only section. I’m not sure if its “legal” to share the whole thing, but here is an excerpt of the solution. 6 more words


How signal processing can be used to identify patterns in complex time series

@tachyeonz : The trend and seasonality can be accounted for in a linear model by including sinusoidal components with a given frequency. However, finding the appropriate frequency for each sinusoidal component requires a little more digging. 6 more words


Recently Published Article – "Spatial-temporal Variability of Seasonal Precipitation in Iran"

Journal: The Open Atmospheric Science Journal Author: Majid Javari


Spatial-seasonal variability and temporal trends has essential importance to climatic prediction and analysis. The aim of this research is the seasonal variations and temporal trends in the Iran were predicted by using rainfall series. 204 more words

Bentham Open

Spreads Watch List: February 2017

Date of analysis: January 25, 2017

List of seasonal futures spreads I consider to trade at the end of January and in February.

At the beginning of January I entered into Live Cattle (LEQ17-LEM17). 214 more words