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Investors are Record Neutral on Stocks

The latest American Association for Individual Investors (AAII) poll showed that 49.79% of investors are neither bullish nor bearish.

This is the highest neutral reading since June 2003. 296 more words

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17 May 2015 - asparagus, a sign of the season

It’s asparagus season – and especially so where I live in East Anglia – and I have just been out to buy some from a small local grower. 201 more words

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Picturing Home

The camera is a limited tool…and when I say “camera” I mean phone. It only captures a moment and it often captures that moment incorrectly…without context. 985 more words


Times and seasons

ALMOST EVERY INDUSTRY has some kind of seasonality.  When I talk to someone about their business, it’s usually fascinating to dig into the cycles which are natural for them. 557 more words

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Short-term S&P 500 Forecast

We’ve been tracking the triangle formation that kept the S&P 500 range bound for several weeks.

The last free S&P 500 forecast (April 15: S&P 500 Trapped in Range – Why and How Long? 487 more words

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Under the Hood: S&P 500 Deteriorating

We observed on April 21, that the stock market was actually stronger than the S&P 500 (NYSEArca: SPY) chart led to believe (Article: Under the Hood is more Strength than the S&P 500 Chart Shows… 469 more words

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How to Spot High Probability Setups

High probability setups are like gold nuggets: rare and precious.

What is a high probability setup?

A high probability setup is a buy (or sell) signal with a high probability of being profitable. 488 more words