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roadside sunflowers
faces turned from the rude wind
looking for summer


August 28, 2015

This. This right here is why I endure days upon days of torture in the form of snowbanks and icy walkways through the winter. Days like today are like the sleeping children who wreak havoc when they are awake- perfect, angelic, absolutely full of the beautiful soul of the Creator. 10 more words


Summer Cabbage

I like to eat cabbage all different types and colors of cabbage; all different times of year. I see a big, leafy rosette in a head of cabbage that is waiting to be unfolded and enjoyed. 82 more words


Goldenrod II

summer’s flag of surrender
to autumn’s invasion


Sunflower sunrise...

The Deer’s Cry
A little part of a celtic Lorica from me to you
(It is recited for the protection of body and soul)

I arise today… 451 more words

Simple Living