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2017 365 #53

This doesn’t look like much, but added to the snow and rain we’ve received so far this “water year” (which began in October),  we’ve now had the wettest water year in the 124 years they’ve been keeping records.   6 more words


Lily Petals

white lily petals
does anyone gather them
as they fade and fall?


February's doubts

February is the fag end of winter.  Though I love this season, this is the point when I’m ready for spring, for light, for warmth.  This is the point at which the cold and dark tires me and I trudge through the days simply surviving.  519 more words



we like to sing
as we hoe the garden weeds
songs of pain and woe


Good morning, sunshine...

is sunshine magic

does it always inspire you

does it give you strength?

JSmith 02/17/2017

My Thoughts

Biggest Snowflakes EVER

I step outside the bakery.
The flakes are wondrous.
Shops along Main Street empty of keepers and customers wanting to see.
All the kids are still in school so it’s just us grownups. 1,130 more words