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If you have read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that my wife is a “birder”. No, she’s not fanatical like the guy in the movie,  529 more words

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Misadventures in Baking...and other things

I signed up for the Cookie Swap at work. I’ve been baking cookies for 45 years, so …no problem, right?

Kidling and I made up three batters last night (MishMash, Sugar Cookies, and Shortbreads) and baked the MishMash. 205 more words



At this time of year, day seems to last but a moment.  Mornings are inked skies pricked with stars and the bloom of ghostly streetlights.  Evenings fall without warning: look out of a window and the light has gone, before you can prepare yourself for it.  502 more words


Holiday Blues

This is NOT a good day. It didn’t start too badly: the Kidling and I had to be up early to go grocery shopping with Mom, and we were. 236 more words


Remembering December 15th thru December 24th

I know, I know, December is the month of only Christmas expectations. But as we travel about from mall to store to online shopping literally and figuratively pushing our rattling, child pissed on, flat sided squeaking swivel wheeled shopping carts, we really need to pause and put life a little more into proper perspective. 571 more words


In and Out

Last night for some reason I did not see to want to sleep. I was not jittery or keyed up and I hadn’t had ore than the normal amount of coffee. 267 more words


Do You Believe?

Santa. Flying reindeer. A jolly, fat man coming down the chimney. One person flying around the globe in a sleigh that holds enough presents for every person on earth (or at least a large percentage of them). 331 more words

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