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Resenting Summer

This year I decided or defaulted into resenting summer’s approach, which has long been my favorite time of year (ever since marriage & motherhood confined me to a state where the season of life is so absurdly short.) 183 more words


Hot Summer Days and Light Summer Reading

We are finally getting days of heat and humidity, the kind that will have clouds piling up by noon and dark skies by two or three. 647 more words

Joys Of Life

Grain in Ear máng zhǒng 芒种 Jun 6th

On June 6th the solar term of Grain in Ear began. China is divided by climate into a wheat growing north and a rice growing south. 578 more words


Scene & Story: May 2017

This was my May:

May has been such a grey, wet month this year that a Bangor Daily News blogger wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about it. 317 more words


Traffic and whispers

Drag out the story as long as eyespan will allow,
as meticulous as the ear leaning into words,
or count it as easy money, soul-light, 101 more words


Bravely March Forward!

Wind in my face
Chimes gently tinkling
Blue Jay chants
Mockingbirds winking

Ahhh the seasons – the cold ends, Spring bounces in and Summer hits us quick and hard.  434 more words


Spring Farms

Life on a farm is hard work. It’s up at sunrise to feed and care for livestock, fields, crops and/or orchards. It goes all day because animals don’t clock off at a certain time. 608 more words