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Food For The Birds

Plants (or some plants) were necessary to a degree that we are forgetting.[1]

Chickweed; from the Old English cîcene mete, cîcene-mete chicken food.
Daisy; from the Old English… 923 more words


Hello, December sun...

I had so many wonderful ideas about this Week’s Photo Challenge: Relax… Starting with a photo of yours truly taking a bubble bath, while having a glass of wine… alas, that will have to wait as I don’t have a bathtub lol :D But, seriously, I had high hopes of taking a nice relaxed photo during the weekend… instead, by Murphy’s law, the weekend was anything but relaxed… My lil one goes to basketball classes on Saturday mornings. 202 more words


Seasonal changes in Siouxland, Orange City

I always find it interesting when revisiting places how they stay the same but also are different during different seasons. Some would say this is a no-brainer, yet it is like watching a friend go through mood changes. 248 more words

Life In Siouxland


It’s getting cold in Connecticut. The winter is late in coming this year, but now it’s definitely here. My husband is mourning the end of the warm weather. 597 more words


Warm, in the Sun

A cloudless sky, warm too, at least in the sun, but that was deceptive; leaf litter crackled underfoot, and in places the ground frost didn’t thaw. 91 more words


Catchin' some SERIOUS Air

Down here in Georgia, there is a fun-house for kids called Catch Air. My grand daughters love to go there. There are all kinds of bounce house-like thingies, slides, places to climb, and it’s all fun all the time for the kiddos.  661 more words


The first day of winter

The shift from autumn to winter is sometimes imperceptible.  I will suddenly notice that all the trees are bare.  The ground will become muddy with rotting leaves and the cold will creep up on me.  628 more words