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Between People,
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Winter Writing Blues: The Season of Drought

I can’t believe that this is my first blog post of 2016.  Wow!! Well here goes.  It’s been over 10 years since making NC my home, yet I still haven’t come to terms with or managed to find any common ground in dealing with the ever changing winters here. 230 more words


Love of the Prairie -- 4

Long Goodbyes

haunting cries of the geese
their long lines of farewell
written in the sky


Love of the Prairie #3

The Slough

cat-tails rustling
in the frozen slough
collect drifting snow
spilling their insides
to the oblivious wind


Book review: Finding Myself in Britain

Finding Myself in Britain by Amy Boucher Pye is a delightful book.  Its subtitle is Our Search for Faith, Home & True Identity.

This book is entertaining and revealing.  141 more words


365, Day 192: Frosty Morning

This was another image that was inspired by the frosty winter morning and by the choice of brush. Never let yourself think that a paintbrush is an inanimate object in the process of creation.


365, Day 190: Canopy, Revisited

This was another “lift above the treetops” morning. Summer in November.

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