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Dawn comes a little later, dusk a little earlier. There is a subtle shift in the light. The crickets begin to sing.

We have come to the beginning of August and the festival of Lammas. 375 more words



Lammas or Lughnasa, the ancient harvest festival, is traditionally observed between sunset August 1 and sunset August 2.

Sitting in the garden as the sun goes down, separating arugula seeds from their pods, is a meditative business. 106 more words


#AugustBreak 2015: breakfast

It’s already August (how can that be?) and Susannah Conway is hosting her beautiful August Break. I’ve loved playing along the last two years… 32 more words



So the weather here is like any beach town in summer. Hot. But this kind of hot at times I have no words for. 85 degrees at 5 in the morning is not normal, I don’t care how close to the equator you are. 307 more words

Reflection at Lammas

As I write this, I look out onto a sunlight garden, full of various shades of green and the blue of the sky; summer is in full force today, but there’s a slight chill to the breeze. 381 more words

Deserts and Storms

The Intertestamentary Desert of the Soul

August. The desert month of summer. There are seven months with thirty-one days, so why does this one seem like the longest? 889 more words