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Plants Are Greenly Smiling Again!

Plants are greenly smiling again
like an arrow from a bow, at breakneck speed
Their leaves and flowers are nippily awaking
from their slumber
their slumber that have lasted for as long as… 71 more words

The Creator

And Now, Here is Something That You Might REALLY Enjoy...

If you folks have enjoyed last week’s very first story serial musical event, So Long, Guys!, in which feature illustrations by yours truly, then may I suggest that there is something that you might also want to enjoy: My wonderful eBook in which it is also written and illustrated by yours truly, The Spirits of The Seasons(A science-fantasy); This eBook features the illustrations of mine that are in the same style as the illustrations that I have included in my very first story serial musical, So Long, Guys! 97 more words


The Seasons

It’s solstice time in a few days, so here is an infographic on the seasons (click for hi-res image):

Infographic constructed using R (with DescTools::DrawCircle, rasterImage, layout, and the suncalc package for day length calculation). 20 more words




Summer 2018 Hotter Than normal. Drier than normal. But Winter had tons of Mountain Snow. So Bellingham and Parts Of Whatcom County won’t have to worry about water conservancy Levels. 15 more words

Summer Heat

Blues and Pinks in the Early Summer Garden: GBBD, June 2018

I’m a couple of days late with this bloom day post; with so much happening in the garden, I’m finding it hard to find the time to write about what’s happening in the garden. 356 more words


The story of the letter.

I’ve been stuck dealing with writers block and can’t seem to find anything inspirational to write about. I have a few ideas circling in my head but none of them feel right at the moment. 724 more words