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this restraint
i’ll belt through a heartbeat
to cut off the flow
of affection –
my body familiar
with this noose,
and the tourniquet
for wearing a heart… 98 more words


Falling seeds

‘Tis the season for the seeds of silver maple to whirl in great masses to the earth. Each seed contains the promise of countless groves. It has been so since time began. 164 more words


Snow in the Pool

Sophie has switched to a low, mournful howl.

I tried another visualization of when a man would make my life better. Yesterday, when it was cold outside, but not unreasonable to use a pool that was already warm. 275 more words


But Night Crawler is so much more Evocative

Our yard in May contains the world. Wisconsin teems with life. For many of us living in climates where the temperatures are at or below freezing for so many months of the year, this is a heady experience. 527 more words

Fakebooking and Sharing Blessings -

I am loving this time of year. The weather was so perfect that just sitting outside for 30 minutes as the sun set felt like a vacation. 502 more words

Living In The Moment

Bringing the Outside In, by Mary McKenna Siddals

Topics – seasons, outdoor play, poetry

Summary – If you’ve ever found seashells in your lint catcher, then Mary McKenna’s Bringing the Outside In will strike a chord of familiarity. 146 more words

Mighty Eagle Bird Carving by Might Sepik Local

Amazing local man from Sepik in his forties carved this mighty eagle out of wood at Morata in NCD. His skill is definitely needed by someone in PNG and around the world. 58 more words