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Sunsets and Seasons

Day Ninety.





Until Tomorrow


365 Days

Winter 2015 Anime - Final Review

Stunning flowers awaken across the landscape, spreading their god-awful pollen, resulting in a severe case of allergies. Yeah I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. Winter is over and this means another selection of anime are coming to an end and it’s time to put these ducks in a row. 4,986 more words


Change of Seasons

Composed 4/1/15
Description: For Day 1 of NaPoWriMo! (It’s only a little late…)

I don’t know why I am
So scared to dream
In this warm and promising spring… 65 more words


Repercussions of Resisting Spring

Progressing on the AIP diet, I have come upon the 6 week mark . I will be doing 2 more weeks before intro’s giving my body it’s best chance to heal. 994 more words

The Summer in Happiness

Summer mornings
awakening to feel the warmth of rays on your skin
Lazy summer afternoons
waiting around for the sun to dim
Cool summer nights… 269 more words

Internal Strife

The Long Walk Home... April 1, 1925

Spring was on the way again, and we were busy with the preparations. Grandma supervised the planting of the seed trays again, but she did not come out to watch the garden being plowed. 772 more words



Patches of snow linger
In the shadow of the day
Facing courageous, their impending demise
Spring’s patience tempering winter’s cruelest rage
Reminds us while life’s energy fades, it also renews

Barbara Mulvey-Welsh