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A rain-free morning, so I thought I should get those Arbor Day dogwood trees into the ground.  I do love dogwoods, and while I have gotten some sprouts from Arbor Day in the past, none have taken hold.   148 more words


making a list & checking it thrice

I really do need a vacation. Exhausted, slept all Saturday – and the week wasn’t anything special, just a regular step-forward-two-steps-back annoyance. So I have to tick off  all chores on the list in one instead of two days. 254 more words



Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage, childbirth, women and family. She is also the queen of the gods, the wife of Zeus. Apparently Zeus fell in love with her at first sight but she refused his first marriage proposal, but he refused to give up so easily. 156 more words


Learning By Living

In an effort to convince myself that I am really am on the mend, I spent the day out with the family. A beautiful day of driving to and fro observing the colors and wildlife, although are cows and horses wildlife? 422 more words

Daily Thought

The cold light of spring

There’s a saying here, “It’s only the sun that gives any warmth”, and it captures perfectly the insidiousness of spring. The light has returned, but as soon as you’re not in direct sunlight, it’s really cold. 91 more words


A Smile Every Day

I did this back in January and it turned out pretty well. This time I have fewer pictures, but I’ve been short on things to write about, so this seemed like a good topic. 1,740 more words

Life In General

Sky and water

Water and sky indecisive,
light flitting around corners,
thunder mumbling curses,
a low energy kind of day

I recall a day exactly
like this, so long ago, 68 more words