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It’s surprising to see the things I ignored when I was little suddenly became a problem. The only way I know how to fix the problem now, is to ignore it like I did when I was a child. 74 more words


Don't be afraid to start again.

Today’s one of those days where I woke up struck by how good life is. How rich it is. How grateful I am.

It’s been a year since I ended my “daring venture” on the Appalachian Trail. 680 more words


Let's Get Real; What's The Deal With WTJ Now In Color?

*Please don’t get offended if I put “colour” instead of “color ” as where I’m from, that’s how you spell it.*

So, this post idea all started when I saw this video by Moriah Elizabeth (I own no rights to this material). 192 more words

Battles With Quinoa And Librarians

My daughter had a late birthday party this weekend.

She’s a winter baby.

February to be exact.

She was born in the deep, cold winter that gets its arms around Northerners. 1,506 more words


A Reflection on my 30s

10 years ago, around this same time, my girls were 10 and 8. My oldest would have been just getting ready to go into 6th grade and my younger into 3rd. 838 more words



Warmth is on the horizon
Flowers, and moving bison
Birds singing, sun shining
There is no denying
Spring is aspiring