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First Thursday with SAM

Jarred and I eyed the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) on our first Saturday in the city while roaming to breakfast about a block from our apartment. 1,223 more words


My Mini Sabbatical: Yayoi Kusama Exhibit at SAM

I was on my mini sabbatical a few weeks ago. I had just finished my very first trade show that Monday (woo hoo!) so I was READY to relax and unwind big time! 365 more words

Mini Sabbaticlas

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors @ Seattle Art Museum

Finally adventured into early-morning-at-the-gate-waiting to get into the hottest thing in town- Yayomi Kusama exhibition @Seattle Art Museum in last Sunday.

이번 여름 동네의 화제로 떠오른 미술관 특별 전시회 표를 구하려 새벽부터 줄서서 사서 본 미술관 전시회.. 일요일날 아침부터 출격하느라 고생은 좀 했다만 다행히 표를 구해 감상… 멋진 호박실은 사진 촬영불가라 아쉽지만 눈에만 기억하는걸로…



Yayoi Kasuma

Before summer began, I received an email from our Seattle Art Museum showcasing the upcoming artist that would be featured in the exhibits: Yayoi Kasuma. I googled her art and absolutely was in awe and immediately hopped onto the site to figure out how I could get my hands on these tickets. 54 more words


Night at the SAM

I unzipped the garment bag with the dress that I was planning on wearing to a wedding in a mere matter of hours to find out that it had a stain on it and I had to come up with a plan B, which I most definitely did not have in me, considering I was running on a different time zone and a few hours of sleep. 1,308 more words

Olympic Sculpture & Myrtle Edwards Park

The bluest skies you see are in Seattle! Perry Como had it right, when the sun shines in Seattle it is a beautiful sight to see. 344 more words

Life & Stuff

07/06/17 - Oh, It's Really Easy...Make a U-Turn.

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We’ve been wanting to go see the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, so we were planning to go. 1,065 more words