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YSL Perfection at SAM

It was a dark and stormy afternoon with sheets of torrential rain coming down. In other words, a typical Seattle day-perfect for a stroll through the fantastic fashion exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum featuring Yves Saint Laurent in all his glory.  144 more words

Fashion as Art: Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum

The colorful fashions on display at the Seattle Art Museum’s Yves Saint Laurent exhibit were an appreciated antidote to the November’s grayness (weather and spirit).  What an original and creative designer he was.   83 more words

Seattle Travel

You're a piece of (art) work.

A year ago we convened in Seattle to go to a fantastic gig and revel in one another’s company. We ate good food, saw gorgeous art, and had a blast. 49 more words


Turistina Seattlessa

Kun olemme saaneet Suomesta vieraita keskelle kouluvuotta, on elämä edennyt vieraiden kanssa leppoisasti koulu/työpäiväaikataulujen mukaan. Talon tyhjentyessä koululaisista on meille jäänyt kaveriksi kaksi pientä poikaa, joista toinen on hypännyt eskaribussiin vasta klo 11.45. 185 more words

“Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style” Exhibit at Seattle Art Museum

Yesterday my husband and I finally made it to the Seattle Art Museum to see its new exhibit “Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style.” Although this exhibit was not as insanely theatrical and intense as the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” exhibit of a few years ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, I enjoyed it very much: it showed an artist’s (some of his designs can be easily categorized as art that exposes people’s conventional or received ideas as just conventions) progress from a shy boy who enjoyed making paper dolls to a person who showed egalitarian sensibilities in the areas of gender, class and race: Saint Laurent incorporated men’s functional and active clothes into women’s fashion by presenting pants suits in his haute-couture collections (possibly Hillary Clinton would not be wearing pants suits today without him); like Henry Ford, Saint Laurent created a Model T for the fashion industry by founding the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche ready-to-wear brand; and he was, according to SAM curator, one of the first fashion designers that hired black models for his haute-couture fashion shows. 19 more words


Haute couture? Moi?

As you know by now, we are masters at finding other things to do while we are supposed to be working on our DIY projects. So what did we come up with on a rainy Saturday when we couldn’t paint outdoors? 1,315 more words

Haute Couture

Yves Saint Laurent The Perfection of Style is on exhibit at  Seattle Art Museum,now through January 8!

Spent the morning in awe and giddy delight as I took in this amazing exhibit at SAM.   56 more words