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Nipplegate 2015

So, here I was…surgery set, doctors selected, date on my calendar, but there was still one looming question.  What to do about nipples.  I guess I was lucky because yet again I had so many options, but I really wished some of the decisions could have been made fore me. 323 more words


The Big Decision

After being diagnosed as a BRCA1 carrier I have been receiving extra screenings. Mammograms and MRIs aren’t exactly the norm for a 25 year old. I can’t tell you the number of times I was questioned about my age, or if I really needed the test. 367 more words


Reason to live #18

Well, my baldness has come in with a vengeance. I now look like a giant old man toddler with mange. :) No complaints here though as I am being released from the hospital nearly a week early. 182 more words

Reason to live #15

Hello my friends,

I apologize for not posting sooner and more regularly. Two things, first, I find that I have a bit of writers block and I don’t just want to spew out reasons that aren’t personally important to me, and second, the process of receiving my transplant has left me not only physically drained, it has left me mentally and emotionally vulnerable. 311 more words

Miracles Happen Every Day (And Sometimes Even To Us)

What a difference a week makes. Last Wednesday, we met with John’s Melanoma specialist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and he basically told us what we already knew. 605 more words

Would You Like Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3?

Remember when Monty Hall used to ask contestants on “Let’s Make A Deal” “Will it be Door #1, #2, or #3?” Sitting at home in the living room, I remember yelling my (always correct) choice at the T.V. 577 more words

First Day of Chemo

My wife finished her 10 doses of radiation on her vertebrae (I may have said the were cervical verts but in fact there are two thoracic verts involved) this week. 403 more words