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Under the Monorail

Seattle Monorail
by Wendy_Bs_Studio

This photo was taken early on a weekend morning in downtown Seattle underneath the monorail.  I liked the lines of the monorail that travel down 5th Avenue.  67 more words


Short Run Comix & Arts Festival

The Short Run Comix & Arts Festival is taking place on Saturday, November 4 at Seattle Center, from 11:00am – 6:00pm. This free event is all about showcasing independent artists, writers, and creators. 108 more words


See you November 4th!

Short Run is drawing near! And…I’m still cobbling together my own fabulous cartoon books by hand. Ha!!!

Gaffigan and Giggles

She waited a long time for this night, since April in fact. We asked her what she would like for her birthday – something tangible or an experience – weeks in advance and she chose an experience. 989 more words



这次西雅图城市游的时候运气不好,碰到了加拿大吹来山火,等我们从Mt Rainier再回到西雅图城里,整个城市都是灰蒙蒙的,所以之前有些景点我也就放弃了,加上我们就住在Seattle Center附近,所有活动基本就以那里为主了

西雅图城里的第一天,我们早上去了Flight Museum,飞行博物馆是波音公司的航空博物馆, 位于西雅图的南边, 这里的飞机应有尽有,军用,民用,早期,木制,机械,喷气,螺旋桨,还有驾驶舱可以进行体验

博物馆外面的Airpark一定要去一下,好几架飞机都可以到内部参观一下,我们还参加了一个免费的Tour, 讲解了F-4战斗机的结构功能和历史

787 Dreamliner

下午我们参观了波音工厂的Tour, 这里面是不允许拍照的,不过还没开始参观的时候会有人给你们拍照,然后给你一张纸,凭着上面的号码参观完了去机器上面拿免费的PS的照片,每次只能选一个背景,马上就能发到你Email信箱里,如果反复输入你的号码,之前寄给你的那个背景也会被最新的那张背景覆盖,所以我的办法是每次选好一个背景,马上到Email里面打开然后Screenshot保存,然后再输入号码选新的背景,如此重复。不过前提是后面人不多,否则大家排队等你就不大好意思了。波音工厂参观还是很推荐的,巨大的飞机就是那么一步步组装起来的,另人惊叹,我家老大参观完还发表感言说以后长大了要Work for Boeing, 老妈我表示强力支持。另外一个观后效应就是后来坐飞机,两个人都会问是不是Boeing, 然后学着导游当时说的话 说If it is not Boeing ,we are not going. 126 more words


Obligatory Space Needle Images

Since relocating to Seattle, WA. My wife and me have lived in two temporary corporate apartments on opposite sides of the Seattle Center. As we prepare to make yet another, final move to a chosen apartment in Columbia City. 25 more words

Canon Lenses And Equipment

Images from Seattle Center's Hawaiian Cultural Festival

This morning we took a short walk over to the Seattle Center to attend the Hawaiian Cultural Festival. There was music, entertainment and more food than you could shake a skewer at. 16 more words