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Third grade thanks you!

Thank you so much for donating to the third grade Westside Baby drive. We filled the back of the two school vans with warm clothing, diapers, and toys! 106 more words

Lower School

Stillbirths Still Cause Confusion

The idea of giving birth is miraculous in of itself, it seems amazing that something can be created in such small detail.  With modern medicine, sometimes we’re shocked when we hear that we don’t yet know the answers or the cures to certain problems; there still aren’t a lot of answers with stillbirths.   974 more words

Insurers Cut Doctor Fees, Restricting Networks Under Obamacare.

Healthcare insurers are cutting the fees they pay to doctors on many of the new plans offered through the Obamacare exchanges, which could cause more medical practices to shun those marketplaces. 535 more words


Overcoming Challenges in Autism

Overcoming Autism and other challenges, my daughter’s accomplishments!

My daughter has a LONG list of diagnoses, including Autism, Tourette’s and Hypomelanosis of Ito (which is a rare nuerocutaneous syndrome, which makes her much more likely than the average person to develop brain tumors)….it was more than overwhelming when we walked out of the Neurologist’s office with a list of 7 different diagnoses after the initial consultation at Seattle Children’s.  149 more words


You Can Help!

You Can Help!

Read Lara’s blog and help make a difference in Cadence’s life and the lives of other children and families.

My father had a brain tumor, and it sucked, but we’re talking about a baby here. 79 more words

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Health Background

K is my oldest. She was born at 27 weeks. She weighed just 2lbs 6oz a birth. Which was actually big for her gestational age. 1,004 more words

Anderson's Heart

Our hearts nearly broke this week as we were told that our miracle baby has an irregular heartbeat. Our midwife heard it three weeks ago and then again on our Friday the 16th appointment. 892 more words