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The Table of Hate

We went to breakfast at the Coastal Kitchen. Everybody was reasonably hung over so it was kind of amazing that we made it for breakfast. 260 more words

Bothell - World's Bleakest Tuna Melt

The cat continues to suffer trauma, anxiety and stress. We had to take it to the clinic where it went before we went on vacation. The clinic is located in a cold, dark hollow off of Exit 173 down a windy road peppered with striptease clubs and car washes. 454 more words


I finally found delicious sushi in Seattle. It seems impossible to me that this task would be difficult. I think it stems from the fact that I lived in J-town in L.A. 557 more words

Raccoon Calls High-Rise Dwelling Home

Unfortunately I can’t get a good pic of Cornelius yet. There’s an abandoned crow’s nest up in the tree top outside our bedroom window. It’s a pretty big nest. 512 more words

I went to get my hair cut at the original Rudi’s in Capitol Hill. Parking was friendly. I went up to the counter guy, a pudgy guy with glasses and a fauxhawk and asked him how the wait was. 696 more words

Internets and Airplanes - How's Seattle Economy Treating You?

As I’ve said I’m a 99er – that’s not really true since I’ve done some contract work, but basically I’m po. So I have a job interview today with an Internet company. 255 more words

The Sun Came Out

Finally a nice day. Two nights ago I had hobo gloves, a hat and coat, and today I wore a t-shirt. We drove to Bellevue to do some big-box errands and took a back route that led us through the Arboretum and the Japanese Garden. 711 more words