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Snow day

After my adventure on Monday, I can safely say I am no longer excited about snow.

I had my car warmed up and uncovered by 4:45 am, only to realize after spinning out several times that I couldn’t get out of the driveway. 721 more words


It is a uniquely pretty day in Seattle today (plus some thoughts on Seattle so-called snow)

Today is cold by Seatttle standards (about freezing), and it is cloudy, but the sun is shining like a golden orb through the clouds and some flakes of snow are falling from the sky although the ground is still dry. 350 more words

Meet up with the old crowd, music’s playing so loud, it all feels right


You’ve been radio silent for about a week! Hope you are doing ok.

It snowed last week in Seattle! On Thursday I went in to my *new job* for a few hours and did a little orientation stuff and then I went to a networking thing. 577 more words

It's Been an Interesting Week

My husband bought this thing called the Echo–we call her Alexa–so I’ve been walking into my kitchen to tell my robot servant to play Christmas music or to ask her what the temperature is outside. 180 more words


Snow Beautiful!

It snowed all day until evening and then more came overnight. The sun began to peek through and then it clouded up and warmed up, so the melt is on. 38 more words


Winter is C̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ HERE!

In Seattle, winter weather usually arrives a bit earlier than December 21st. Here are 3 of my top tips to make sure your home is ready for frigid temperatures: 246 more words