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Travelogue D4

I began the second day in the metro, eyeing the advertisements strategically placed above the heads of others, followed by a tour of the hôtel de ville. 512 more words


Rhodes, revenge, rage; what use is literature?

I already knew about the Rhodes protests before I left Leeds. I had been sent an email by our South African colleague, telling us that the University of Cape Town was alive with student activists protesting at the slow pace of transformation twenty years after the fall of apartheid, and demanding the removal of the statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes, who presides over the campus looking north to the rest of the continent. 1,504 more words

Helen Finch

Las variaciones Sebald. Donde arte y literatura se encuentran

Esta exposición, concebida por Jorge Carrión y Pablo Helguera, es una conversación entre el arte y la literatura. “Las variaciones Sebald” se basa en las obras del escritor alemán W. 215 more words


Sebald's 'Austerlitz'- Architecture, Moths and the Holocaust.

W.G Sebald understands subtlety. He also understands the power of curiosity. But, most importantly, he understands that slapping the reader across the face with heavy-handed symbolism is not the way to make them understand his themes. 641 more words


In the Light of What We Know

The best book I read in 2014, and easily the most ambitious. In its complex, layered depiction of a friendship between a Kensington banker and a former international human rights lawyer who has been missing in Afghanisatan for several years, the story’s scope takes in the whole of the first decade of this century, from the beginning of the War on Terror all the way to the financial crisis of 2008, and does so in a way that totally avoids both plodding chronology and wilful confusion. 66 more words

“The great pain of separation ..before going to sleep or when I was tiding my things.” – W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

Lacanian Separation

Butterflies III

Accordingly, the narrator’s visit to the salt-frames towards novel’s end yields the only conclusion that can be provided on the issue of memory (albeit an “unsatisfactory” one). 533 more words