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Secession Statements —

Why did the Confederate states secede?


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Why Secede? Discussion Questions:

Go to Google Classroom and open “Why Secede?” 42 more words


Fitzhugh on voting rights

Given that Progressive America has taken steps to extend voting rights to illegal immigrants and resident aliens in California and New York, it makes sense for Southern nationalists to consider the principle upon which the franchise would rest in an independent South. 128 more words


Secession is Freedom to Disassociate

Let me put my anarchist argument on the back-burner for a moment. It is often a philosophical argument I make: if the ends cannot justify the means, then societal order cannot justify state aggression. 1,037 more words


Secession Movements in the 21st Century: Problems and Promise

This is a signature of a number of these secession movements: They are not easily subdued. This is because they are the result of longstanding cultural and historical differences that have been re-energized.

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Unpacking Secession

It doesn’t take very long talking about the Civil War with people or reading about it online before one encounters the argument that the southern states had a right to secede. 1,811 more words


Spain challenges secession push by Catalonia separatists in court

MADRID – The Spanish government on Wednesday filed a challenge against the Catalan regional parliament’s decision to set up a road map for independence from Spain by 2017. 316 more words