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Dixie Fascism or Monarchism?

Nationalists tend to look to their own tradition for inspiration in meeting political challenges. In Dixie we have Rightist experiences aplenty and therefore have no need to look abroad for influence. 573 more words


“Unparalleled Insult and Wrong to the State”: Unionism and the Camp Jackson Affair of May 1861 (Part 1)

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome guest author Kristen M. Trout

On May 13, 1861, the headline “Fight Between Rioters and the Home Guard – Several Persons Killed” adorned the covers of the nation’s most popular newspapers. 1,096 more words

Common Soldier

Changing Times: Lovis Corinth, 1905-1909

Since Corinth had joined the Berlin Secession in 1901, and two years later married Charlotte Berend, his career had not looked back. Although early family and social life had reduced the number of paintings he produced, their quality remained consistently high, and he was living up to his reputation as ‘the painter of flesh’. 964 more words


'Calexit' picking up steam as conservatives set to wave good-bye

(NationalSentinel) If the majority of Americans had known that all it would take to finally be rid of California and it’s Left-wing hysteria and craziness was to elect Donald J. 574 more words

President-elect Donald J. Trump

A New Country

California, Washington, and Oregon secede from the United States of America. California makes the border with Mexico a large garden that citizens of either country can cross and pick vegetables unimpeded. 355 more words


#Calexit To Nowhere

It’s official. The Electoral College has spoken. Donald Trump is the President-Elect of these United States of America. Those last four words are important, because they describe the nature of this country: individual states united into a nation. 756 more words