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The 2015 Declaration of Independence

The 2015 Declaration of Independence

By Thomas Jefferson and Russell D. Longcore

(Editor’s Note: I wrote this in 2009.)

I have long contemplated the imminent collapse of the US Federal Government. 1,852 more words


SN alternative to Atlanticism

Southern nationalism (SN) and the political theory of the Golden Circle offer the possibility of an alternative to Atlanticism, one of the keys to the present… 467 more words


Towards a Southern national church (part II)

As noted in part I of this series, the major Protestant Christian denominations of the South separated from the generally more liberal Northern denominations either prior to secession or during the life of the Confederate States. 282 more words


Why Has Catalonia's Independence Movement Lost Steam?

I don’t blog much here anymore, in part because I’ve been too busy with Ethics & Economics Education, and in part because I find it easier to share quick thoughts on Twitter. 314 more words


#FeelTheBern?! Vermont Decentralists Weigh In (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE)

Thanks to Bill Kauffman, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE columnist, for checking in with 2VR re: Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. The best quote of his article? “Ranting and raving on a grand scale by an old man (who most of us in Vermont really like) would be akin to me also at age 74 making a pass at Scarlett Johansson at a cocktail party. 35 more words



For the past week I’ve been doing an extensive investigation. I didn’t even tell my associates in Houston due to the sensitive nature. I call it “StupidGate. 723 more words