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If All Those State Secession Movements Got Their Way, America Would Look Like This Map

By Nate Cohn

The New Republic

The electoral map divides the country neatly into blue states and red states. But blue states include vast conservative stretches; and most red states harbor liberal enclaves, too. 138 more words


What a Wonderful World That Would Be

Had the most interesting conversation on Becky Williams’ talk show last night. A judge was on and in enlightened language he virtually parroted something that I’ve been trying to drive home for months. 587 more words


The CPVU Membership Buttons At Pace Confederate Depot

The Confederate Patriot Voters United has new membership buttons. Please visit my business website for more information. These are for Members Only! Thanks for your membership and support. 7 more words


The inevitability of secession, part 2: Implications for the States

It will take a crisis, and external shock to change this – an financial crisis.  I expect that there’s one coming:

That is my prediction also.

1,089 more words

The inevitability of secession, part 1: Introduction

Think secession–all the way down to the level of the individual household. — jtl, 419

via Borepatch

Chief Justice Salmon Chase was wrong.  In Texas v. 1,817 more words

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