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Communist Party USA endorses HRC

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In the below listed article, the Communist Party USA endorsed Hillary Clinton and is pushing for a landslide victory over Donald Trump The Communist Party USA has joined with the previous support Hillary received from the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter, and Progressives. 800 more words

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After Trump's defeat, a new American Warlordism

By ann summers

Trump’s now inevitable loss will signal perhaps a Democratic age for at least two years until the residual misogyny gains yet another mid-term resurgence of reactionary fervor as they did in 1994 (class), 2010 (race), and 2018 (gender). 868 more words


Freedom's hope

One hundred eighty years after our country’s first secession crisis, we hear the word secede again. South Carolina threatened to secede around 1830, and thirty years later it followed through. 982 more words

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Bill Whittle on Black Lives Matter [nc]

Bill Whittle’s Video On “Black Lives Matter”

By Capt Joseph R. John, October 6, 2016

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an international movement that began in 2014, it has 30 local chapters in the US, and BLM campaigns to call attention to violence against black people. 661 more words

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Louisiana Had (and Has) Precious Little to Thank Washington For

You might say that this was the “Neanderthal version” of cultural Marxism, along with “reconstruction” later that was to deliver the coup d’ etat to the culture, faith, and financial stability of the South. 

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War Of Yankee Aggression

Listing 999 Art Nouveau Restaurants around the World

If a list with all the Art Nouveau restaurants / bars / cafes / brasseries etc. in the world existed… wouldn’t you take that list with you everywhere you go? 282 more words

Art Nouveau

#Texit and Factionalism Today

After hearing the news of Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union passed in June this year, the call for Texas’ secession grew… again. Just as the hashtag Brexit was trending, so was another, Texit, a call by many unhappy Texans for Texas to leave the union of the United States. 262 more words

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