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Is Revolution Brewing?

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

Virtually all the reporting about this fall’s presidential election focuses on the candidates and the question of who is going to win nomination and election. 199 more words

Left And Right

Downsizing Government

How do you reform the federal government? Anyone remember Al Gore and Bill Clinton trying to reduce the footprint of federal agencies through Reinventing Government? Peter Drucker… 735 more words

Adventures In Church History

Keeping Kentucky and Missouri Loyal

April 26, 1861 – President Abraham Lincoln met with a Kentucky Unionist to keep that state loyal, while Federal troops in Missouri worked to keep weapons out of secessionist hands. 983 more words

Abraham Lincoln

North Carolina and Tennessee Lean South

April 26, 1861 – North Carolina Governor John Ellis joined Tennessee in rejecting President Abraham Lincoln’s call for volunteers to destroy the Confederacy.

Soon after Lincoln issued… 527 more words


Robert E. Lee: Honorable Man, or Treasonous Scoundrel

I routinely enjoy listening to the personalities on the local talk radio station, KNOX AM 1310, as they cover a variety of topics and have moments of amusement on occasion. 983 more words

Union Army

I heard the trailing garments of the Night

Bend low again, night of summer stars/so near you are, sky of summer stars/pick off what he wants in the sky bowl/so near are you, summer stars/so near, strumming, strumming/so lazy and hum-strumming” – 

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Maybe we should break up

At first we were all Britishmen. Then we were all white people. Then we were all Christian. Then we were, at least, all of the people who believed in the foundational principles. 731 more words