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Willing Slaves and Voting Machines

I have always referred to Jubilee supporters as Slaves and Voting Machines. I’m glad I have been vindicated. They are actually slaves and voting machines. They are not allowed to think, just vote. 459 more words

Evil Prayers

The pretence that the Jubilee government is based on religious foundations is a big lie told to divert attention from what looks like human sacrifices. 468 more words

Not Yet Jamhuri

#JamhuriDay Jokes and other Stories…

It is 54 years after Kenya attained independence and we proudly celebrate it yet we still have no idea what heroes and heroines look like. 382 more words

A Small Revolution

By Jeff Deist

Mises Institute

Dr. Robert Murphy and I enjoyed a robust discussion of the current political landscape this past weekend at the University of Central Florida. 204 more words

Make it a libertarian Christmas!

Looking for a cool Christmas gift for that awesome libertarian / ancap / voluntaryist in your life? Check out our store RIGHT HERE! We have a ton of unique t-shirts, journals, coffee mugs and more with totally unique designs you won’t find anywhere else! 108 more words