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How About Declaring Actual Independence?

Most of us read the beginning statement of the Declaration of Independence in Government class back in high school. It’s a wonderful statement of political philosophy. 2,349 more words


A Modest Proposal Part 2

So, how do you start crafting a new system of governance?  I’ve attempted to look at the good and bad in the current system and then visualize how the individual could possibly have the most freedom and not infringe on another’s freedom at the same time. 856 more words

National/International Issues

V for Vendetta: “Ignite, or be Gone," by Anneka Williams (HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAZE)

To celebrate Independence Days 2015 – July 4, 1776 (the creation of the Declaration of Independence) and July 7, 1777 – the publishing of the 1st Vermont Republic’s 1st constitution, we are publishing our youngest 2VR writer to date. 3,330 more words


Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Vandalism, property damage, beatings, and grave desecration are the fallout of the Mother Emanuel shooting. If the popular media narrative is to be believed, all sorts of public mayhem has been inflicted on society by unruly mobs of inbred, tobacco chewing, marginally literate, nigger-hating, Confederate flag wavers bent on restoring slavery and re-instituting Jim Crow. 2,016 more words


Time for Secession

Well this has been one of the roughest weeks in history for anyone on the political right. We had same-sex marriage become the law of the land, … 746 more words


Pro-Confederate is anti-American

No need to do much more than to point you to James Loewen’s frank article: Why do people believe myths about the Confederacy?

But we will go ahead and also point you to our own posts on this topic: … 288 more words

American History

Heritage, Meet Treason

My paternal grandmother comes from an impeccable Southern heritage. I will outline some of her ancestry, very briefly, below.

Elisha Battle – Revolutionary War Patriot, Edgecombe County, NC… 655 more words