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The Alberta Example: Spending Caps Are the Way to Prevent Unsustainable Fiscal Binges During Growth Years

Back in 2012, I shared some superb analysis from Investor’s Business Daily showing that the United States never would have suffered $1 trillion-plus deficits during Obama’s first term if lawmakers had simply exercised a modest bit of spending restraint beginning back in 1998. 1,529 more words


Secession Is Libertarian

Secession Is Libertarian

My friend Lew Rockwell speaks on behalf of secession.


Why Did Virginia Secede?

A number of people have tackled this question.  Historian William G. Thomas III discusses it here.

Historian Dennis Frye speaks about it here:

You can see historian William Freehling on it… 5,177 more words


Armed law enforcement officers raided a meeting of the Republic of Texas, a secessionist group intent on breaking the state away from the US, as they gathered to discuss their anti-fed agenda. 450 more words


Secession Begins At Home

Secession begins at home. When the Mises Institute sponsors a Secession Weekend in Texas to PROMOTE state secession, we had all better take notice. Culture leads, politics follows. 8 more words


Confederate Echoes: The Ugly History Behind Questioning Obama's Patriotism

Remember when everyone liked Rudolph Giuliani? The former “Mayor of the World” was, after all,¬†Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 2,026 more words