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The Many Goals of Jade Helm

From Zero Hedge:

1,200 special ops soldiers are going to conduct a fake, covert infiltration of Texas because the US Special Operations Command thinks that in a lot of ways, Texas resembles Afghanistan…

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Military Disasters

Promoting the Survival, Well-Being, and Independence of Floridians

The FL LS spokesperson, Steven Ingram, briefly explains to ABC news the purpose for the Stand Against SDS Communists Demonstration.

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I'm torn.

Gerald Warner for CapX:

Nationalism has become a Gnostic sect, its followers gifted with a special insight into matters that the uninitiated do not properly comprehend.

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Those who need representation - Oceania

We see a fewer number of separatist/secessionist movements in Oceania (or Asia Pacific and beyond), and as in the case of the Americas, we find groups of indigenous people in this region as well. 448 more words

Putin's Balkan Offensive

On the weekend, the leader of Bosnia’s Serb Republic threatened secession if he did not get reforms, proposing to hold a referendum on leaving the country if his demands are not met by the end of 2017. 1,965 more words


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Bismarck once said that "Some damn foolish thing in the Balkans" would set off the next general war, and now we see Vladimir "Let me vivisect your country" Putin taking an interest in a part of the Balkans the West left in sorry shape 20 years ago. Worth reading.

VA - Electroconvulsive Therapy Volume 3 - Obscure Singles Circa 83-86 [MR049]

Medical Records continues it’s unearthing of extremely rare singles in it’s Electroconvulsive Therapy series. Once again, teaming up with Crispy Nuggets blog, we have assembled yet another collection of long out of print and underground singles and rare tracks. 272 more words


God Rest America!

America was a great experiment. A colony, founded by adventurous pioneers who braved an entire continent, formed a nation, and came to dominate the world with the idea of God given rights, small government, and a vision that inspired the world. 715 more words