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A Thought Experiment for the Retirement Police // Where's the Line on Retirement?

To me, the distinction between “early retirement” and “financial independence” has always seemed like a purely semantic one. Case in point: this semi-rant on the false dichotomy… 2,904 more words

Writing Diary #06 - Bumps on the road

(Yeah, I know, it’s Monday – I forgot to post this yesterday).

So, I had five days of heaven after my last update. I wrote SO much from February 28th to March 4th, as in, almost 9k words, which is more or less three chapters. 317 more words


Writing Diary #05 -Planning, planning, planning...

Okay, first of all, I have to do admit that I only worked on #aroaceprincess in the last two days, which means that most of my week was spent doing nothing but going to uni (it was a tiring week, in my defense). 272 more words


Let Your Story Flourish

Recently I have been reading Robert Taylor’s book, “A New Way to Be Human.” It is so full of inspirational guidance that I am having a hard time finishing the first few chapters because I keep re-reading them.   245 more words


Take a road trip to the future

On a recent road trip, my husband and I listened to a 70’s radio channel for three whole days. As we sang along to all the ‘oldies’, I couldn’t believe how many of the songs we remembered the lyrics to, (and quite frankly, how stoned the writers must have been to write such nonsensical tunes). 667 more words

U-hauls, Empty Nest (Sorta), Food Journals and Next Chapters...

A lot has happened since my last blog post. Yesterday, I moved my two oldest daughters into the house my oldest bought. Her first house! I’m so excited for her (and a little melancholy) and immensely proud of her. 1,261 more words

Just Thinking...

#99cents Seasoned Romances on Sale - Marsha R West

Do you like stories with older characters? Like 40s on up? Well, I do, and that’s what I write. Like minded authors have formed a Facebook group called Seasoned Romance and for Dec. 361 more words

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