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In the clutches

Ferocity unmatched
Your eyes darts into mine
Nothing I can do, can match your speed

Beren o mighty Beren where for art thou
Huan my friend come hither to thy side… 45 more words

Chemise & Suspenders

Alas, it is getting tougher to dress with each passing year.

My husband and I were clearing out our wardrobe recently and gleefully discovered many pieces of clothing which we had forgotten about over the years. 466 more words

Moving On In Life

Whose Hair Is That?

There comes a time in life when your best companion is your dog ( or cat).

There comes a time in life when your eyes fail, your bones ache, your head is a bit fuzzy. 61 more words

Moving On In Life

The Price

My eyes are ever tired,
But they never turn away,
I stand here for my country,
And a family far away.

My face is rough and lined, 190 more words

Second Age

3rd Thoughts

I wake up every morning,
While the sun’s asleep in bed,
I think it’s too damn early,
That’s the 3rd thought in my head.

1st I think of kissing you, 144 more words

Second Age

Trip the Lights

If I trip the lights tonight,
Would it give me strength to fight?
If I trip a wire in the dark,
Would I only see the deadly spark? 197 more words

Second Age


Sitting alone on the fantail,
The sun has just dipped below the horizon,
And the stars begin their long journey,
Across the silvery sky.
The ocean is calm as a sleeping baby, 83 more words

Second Age