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Episode 123 - Caleb of the Rings


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Show Notes

  • A very special welcome!
  • Lead Designer Caleb Grace joins CotR for the greatest episode ever
  • Tips for the upcoming Fellowship Event…
  • 76 more words

Last day

Originally posted on old Tumbler account on FEB 12 · 2014

The sun rises on yet another day. A golden light washed out to a bleak yellow by the haze of smoke that fills the sky. 163 more words


On our own.

Originally posted on old Tumblr account on FEB 12 · 2014

He prayed fervently, his eyes closed, his holy symbol clasped tightly in his shield hand; his sword hand clasped tightly around the hilt of his broken blade. 159 more words


The Valley Floor

The Valley floor

Originally publish on Old Tumblr Account on APR 29 · 2014

The moon rose slowly over the peaks. Casting its silver light along the valley floor, the travelers looked up. 384 more words


Stars and Holly

Ost-in-Edhil (S.A. 750 – 1697) was the capital city of Eregion, a region populated by Noldor and Sindar elves in Eriador. It lay where the rivers Sirannon and Glanduin met. 439 more words