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The Downfall of NĂșmenor

It is said by the Eldar that Men came into the world in the time of the Shadow of Morgoth, and they fell swiftly under his dominion; for he sent his emissaries among them, and they listened to his evil and cunning words, and they worshiped the Darkness and yet feared it. 15,246 more words

Second Age


What would you say,
Would you just turn away,
If we met on the street,
Would you walk up to me,
Or pretend not to see, 94 more words

Second Age


I’ve got “No Commercial Value,”
At least that’s what they say,
As piece by bloody piece,
My life is torn away.

I tried to sell my soul, 96 more words

Second Age

In the clutches

Ferocity unmatched
Your eyes darts into mine
Nothing I can do, can match your speed

Beren o mighty Beren where for art thou
Huan my friend come hither to thy side… 45 more words