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Have Christians That Support Weapons Rights Forgotten Exodus 20.13?

By Peter Wesson

I recently was checking out the stats and such on “The Light and Liberty” and noticed that there was a re-blog request pending on an article.  851 more words

Gun Control

The last Bit of Evidence Destroyed...

They have now managed to hide any evidence of their deception in Newtown, CT with the demolition of the house alleged shooter Adam Lanza lived in. 90 more words


Taking a License from the Government.

Lets start by taking a look at what a license is. The definition of license is: formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something. 152 more words

2nd Amendment

The Gun and the Walking Stick

Texas shall once again raise its head among the nations. (Sam Houston)

The assault in Bryan upon Texas sovereignty was inconceivable! There were so many infractions of the right of the people to assemble, the 4th Amendment, freedom of speech and liberty that they are innumerable. 920 more words


Banning Blacksmiths and Gun Control

By Peter Wesson

We have a typical Old Testament Israel early years scenario.  The Israelites are preparing for battle with their nemesis, the Philistines.  Yet, there is a situation at hand that is very serious for an army.  1,872 more words


Be Aware and Vigilant

I believe we can expect multiple terrorist attacks in the United States in the very near future. obama is not very bright in my opinion, but he has people working in the background that have been planning. 254 more words