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Donald Trump is a literal gun grabber

Any time Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton have pushed for more gun control, Second Amendment advocates have called them “gun grabbers.” This was certainly the case in June, when both pushed for restricting the Second Amendment rights of citizens who end up on government terrorist watch lists. 659 more words

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Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Being Scared Is Not Enough,’ Get a Gun to ‘Fight Back’

H/T Breitbart.

Sheriff David Clarke is 100% correct.

Responding to trepidation caused by the Burlington, WA, mass shooting; the violent protests in Charlotte, NC; the Minnesota mall stabbings; and other high-profile attacks, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said, “Being scared is not enough.” Rather, Americans need to have guns with which they are ready to defend themselves. 316 more words

Gun Control.

Many people want Guns to be eradicated from purchasing to use for protection and even hunting. Limiting them to military/police use only; and other people believe that the gun control laws are fine the way they are. 462 more words

Donald J. Trump Jr's Interview With SilencerCo

For those unfamiliar with SilencerCo, they’re a pretty major manufacturer of firearms suppressors in the US.  They have a reputation as a good company, but also one that doesn’t shy away from pushing for further Second Amendment rights.  576 more words

Second Amendment

NRA is “Pissing Their Pants” in Fear of a Hillary Clinton Victory

The television ads prove it. The NRA gun lobby is so afraid of a Hillary Clinton presidency that they are releasing the most fallacious ads in the history of American politics. 710 more words

... This D.C. Gun Bill Will not Cut It [#Second Amendment]...

.. these folks do not get it ..

.. the right ” to keep and bear arms ” is an individual right , enshrined in our Constitution . 163 more words

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America the Violent

I’m months removed from my country and an ocean away, and from here in Ireland we Americans seem such a violent people, obsessed by guns and far too quick to use them. 110 more words