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Guns Won't Keep You Safe

Repeat after me “I am not Rambo”. Anytime you think that gun control is a problem just repeat that phrase. It will help remind you that when a shooting breaks out, you’re not guaranteed a win, just because you’re the”good guy”. 261 more words

Gun Free Zones= Mass Shooter Paradise

Do you know what no one has ever seen, a mass shooting in an area with responsible gun owners. There’s an inconvenient truth the left always seems to ignore, not that guns don’t kill people, but that bad guys don’t go trying to kill armed good guys. 244 more words

Stop Equating Having Gun Control to [Insert actually useful item] Control

Guns do 2 things, they kill, and they injure. Other objects have actual uses, knives cut things like fruits and vegetables, cars drive people long distances, hammers help build things, everything you try to compare to gun control as a way of showing its ridiculousness doesn’t work because of one simple fact, guns have no purpose other than to cause harm. 243 more words

Guns, God, gays

Former Speaker of the House and current dingbat Nancy Pelosi recently blamed Hillary Clinton’s sluggish polling data on uneducated white males who vote on guns, God & gays. 498 more words


Reverend Spends $3,000 of Church Money to Destroy a $700 Rifle

I hope the church elders audit the books and hold this clown responsible for misappropriation of church funds.

An Oregon Churchman is willing to spend $3000 to destroy a $700 rifle. 21 more words

Hillary and her Kaine Are Ready to Walk Across Your Gun Rights

If they get elected they will be the cause of The Second Shot Heard Around The World.

One thing is for sure: gun grabbers love Tim Kaine. 24 more words

The 2016 Democratic Platform: A Plan For Destroying America

I’ve listened to the Democratic speakers this week and have their political platform in front of me as I write this.  There is much that is laudable in their positions – equality, fairness, eliminating discrimination and so on.  1,503 more words

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