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11-year-old Boy Shoots Home Intruder: ‘He started crying like a little baby’

A few miles from where I was brought up. We WILL shoot yer ass.


“I told ‘em I was gonna kill em and all that if they didn’t get out of my house,” boy told burglar… 329 more words


Here’s an extremely unpopular and radical opinion within the United States – get rid of the constitution.

The constitution was constructed for the founders of America in 1789.

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Trump Releases His Plan for 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious

By: Ben Marquis on April 27, 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://conservativetribune.com/trump-plan-2nd-amendment

One common criticism of billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues.

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Understanding "Gun Buybacks"

When gun prohibitionists use the term “gun buyback,” gun rights advocates laugh. “Pfft, you can’t buy back something you never owned.” The enemy knows this, but the use of the phrase belies their world view. 65 more words


Chelsea Clinton Hints: With Scalia Dead, Supreme Court Will Make “Definitive Ruling” On Gun Control

By Mac Slavo – SHTFplan.com Ready for Hillary? If her daughter Chelsea is any indication, a Hillary Clinton president quickly become an even better gun salesman than Obama is now. 29 more words



I’m just an average American,

Don’t drive a fancy car.

The little I save from my paycheck

I spend Friday nights in a bar.

I’m a peaceful guy—I watch my step… 270 more words

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Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act

This is from The NRA-ILA.

We need to encourage our House members to co-sponsor this bill then vote for it.

On Tuesday, Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) introduced… 504 more words