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Podcast: 3D Gun Rights? Myah Bowermaster Discusses Pros and Cons

Gun rights are a hot button topic enough, but are 3D printed guns the next big issue? Myah Bowermaster from Turning Point USA and The Second Amendment Institute joins the show to debate and discuss the issues at hand.


OR State Senator Pushes Gun Confiscation Without Due Process Bill - He's A Republican

H/T Freedom Daily.

First I want to say I can not imagine the pain Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) is suffering with the loss by suicide of his step son.                   796 more words

Nashville Gunfighter Takes Out THREE Armed Robbers Single-Handedly

H/T Bearing Arms.

Once more a good guy with a gun stopped three bad guys with guns.

An unnamed person inside a Nashville (TN) sneaker shop went John Wick on three armed robbers last after they made the mistake of charging into the store with… 374 more words

Missouri School of Journalism prof: NRA more dangerous than the Islamic State

H/T Jihad Watch.

The ignorance of the instructors in our institutions of higher learning is mind blowing.

How asinine is American academia today? It just keeps getting worse. 524 more words

Fabio Buying a Gun After More than $200,000 in Gold Coins, Watches, Stolen from Home

H/T Breitbarts Big Hollywood.

Wow a Hollywood type buying and gun along with saying support the police.

Model Fabio says he is buying a gun after more than $200,000 in gold coins and watches were stolen from his home. 277 more words

What's In Iowa's 'Stand-Your-Ground' Law?

On April 13th, 2017 Governor Branstad signed HF517 into law. Iowa Firearms Coalition, the chief catalyst for getting it passed, called it “the biggest gun bill in Iowa history.” While supporters say it will revitalize Iowans’ Second Amendment rights and increase safety, opponents said that it would take Iowa back to the “Wild West” and was even… 1,926 more words

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Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group Urges Opposition to Repeal of Gun Ban for Military Vets

H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

Little Gabby Giffords like Little Shannon Watts and her band of harpies have had their fifteen minutes of fame and are trying to stay relevant. 424 more words