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Gun Control Won't Fix This

A very common sense approach to the fact that illegal use of firearms is a people problem NOT a gun problem.

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Second Amendment

2703 Shootings, 440 Deaths Year-To-Date In Heavily Gun-Controlled Chicago

This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

How are those draconian gun laws working for you Rham “The Ballerina”Emanuel?

As of November 23, there had been 2703 shootings which resulted in 440 deaths year-to date in heavily gun-controlled Chicago. 227 more words

Obama Is Anti-American

It’s been a long time since I have posted on this blog.  Recent events have made it necessary for me to voice my opinion on Obama and our 2nd Amendment rights. 538 more words

Second Amendment

Black Friday indeed

“Black Friday” got a whole new meaning in Bibleburg today.

It’s certainly too early to speculate about motive, and probably too late to do anything about the shite job the Founders did on that Second Amendment, … 193 more words


Are Switchblade Knives Protected By The Second Amendment

So the Wisconsin Court of Appeals held today in State v. Herrmann. The court concluded that the Second Amendment protects knives
as well as guns, because, among other things, 506 more words


Wasserman Schultz Orders Democrats to Embrace Gun Control

This is from Buckeye Firearms Association. 

The DemocRats are Hell Bent on destroying The Constitution and The Bill Of Right.

They are trying to start a Second American Revolution. 529 more words

D.C. police chief confused...

D.C. Chief of Police Cathy Lanier claims citizens should run in the face of attack if possible,  or  hide,  or take the bad guys down,  but she is the one who vigorously resists any effort by ordinary DC residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights.   29 more words