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David Codrea: Case SCOTUS Didn’t Hear Points to Larger Concern for Gun Owners

Via David Codrea

The fallout from two recent Supreme Court rulings is receiving needed attention, as it’s up to activist gun owners to keep apprised of looming threats and opportunities, and to minimize damage/maximize gains of case outcomes. 423 more words

Anti-gun Asshattery

Leveling The Playing Field

In New Jersey, a man was denied a gun permit because his wife is a convicted felon, accused of domestic violence. Well, he shouldn’t be allowed to vote either.  

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If Retired Cops Are Safer With Unlocked Guns, Why Aren't the Rest of Us?

This is from JPFO.

Why are active and retired any more important than the average American?

I guess only in La La Land can this rationalization be made while condemning the police for being abusive. 571 more words

Can Republicans be Game Changers?

There is no doubt that America is plagued by many ills. One of them is the fact that we can’t even agree to disagree on issues that matter in a productive manner. 3,266 more words


Mo. Supreme Court Upholds Second Amendment Ballot Issue

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Missouri Supreme Court upholds the Second Amendment ballot issue that voters approved last August.

The ruling is good news for gun rights supporters, whom wanted the right to bear arms added to the Missouri Constitution. 151 more words