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New York Pistol Permit Holders Facing Deadline & Loss Of Permissions

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Law Abiding gun owners in New York are falling victims to the New York UnSafe Act a law passed by knee jerk liberals.  747 more words

Delaware Court Rights a Long-Standing Wrong; Strikes Down Gun Bans


The Delaware Supreme Court ruling helped reinforce the Second Amendment in Delaware.

By a narrow majority, the Supreme Court of Delaware recently struck down decades-old regulations that it found conflicted with the state constitution by “completely eviscerat a core right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and family outside the home.” 1,198 more words

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The Remington Model 870 pump shotgun just got a whole lot better at home defense

If not a pistol, many homeowners prefer having a shotgun around for home defense, but the idea of manual reloading of slugs into pump action shotguns has, in the past, deterred people from choosing this weapon. 310 more words

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NJ: Shaneen Allen’s Judge ONLY PERSON to get CCW Permit in County

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Reading this story makes me glad I live in the Second Amendment friendly state of Indiana.

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- For years we have stated that only politicians, judges and their friends can obtain conceal carry permits in New Jersey… and for years we have been told we are “paranoid” and only “specially trained” individuals like law enforcement officers are allowed that privilege. 314 more words

Charges against Judge Kozinski Threaten Rare 2nd Amendment Originalist

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If these charges can be proved beyond he said she said then Judge Kozinski should resign.

My two cents for what it is worth the left is trying to destroy Judge Kozinski because he is a Second Amendment originalist. 942 more words