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Top 10 Second Basemen for 2017

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First Basemen… 133 more words

Bisexuality, a Useful Party Trick

“So would you, like, date a girl?”

asked the man from my latest failed date, my coworker, GYM.

We got into this conversation like it usually comes up. 809 more words

Hall of Fame Hopefuls- Second Basemen

Second basemen tend to be the smaller, less powerful players on a team.  Most are good base runners, and most hit for a high average.  Like at first base, there are twenty second basemen inducted in the Hall of Fame, ranging from Rogers Hornsby to Johnny Evers.   489 more words


#9- Rogers Hornsby, 2B

Year Inducted: 1942 (BBWAA, ballot #5, 182/233)

Score: 51274

In 1921, the hit movie The Sheik debuted.  It became such a hit that certain segments of the country became enthusiastic about things that sounded “Arabian”.   524 more words


#15- Eddie Collins, 2B

Year Inducted: 1939 (BBWAA, ballot #4, 213/274)

Score: 42383

The Dead Ball Era was not necessarily a point of terrible offense for Major League Baseball, just a point in time when there was relatively little power.   531 more words


#22- Charlie Gehringer, 2B

Year Inducted: 1949 (BBWAA, ballot #6, 159/187, runoff)

Score: 38155

Consistency is something that is a valuable commodity in baseball.  When it comes to the Hall of Fame, consistency can sometimes be overvalued.   428 more words


#23- Nap Lajoie, 2B

Year Inducted: 1937 (BBWAA, ballot #2, 168/201)

Score: 37424

In 1901, two future Hall of Famers jumped ship from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Athletics when the new American League was formed.   458 more words