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NL All-Stars

So my last post was the AL All-Stars and the last Sunday I was meant to do my NL All-Stars. However, between the busiest week of the year at work, seeing my friend in a play in London and playing a play-off decider for my baseball team (which we lost), I haven’t had the time to complete the article. 108 more words

Fantasy Baseball

AL All-Stars

So the end of today is the ceremonial half-way point of the MLB season and gives us a few days off from Fantasy Baseball. We can enjoy the festivities of the Home-Run Derby and All-Star game and go along with all the pageantry they bring. 1,212 more words

Fantasy Baseball

#210-Bill Mazeroski, 2B

Full Name: William Stanley Mazeroski

Nickname: Bill, Maz

Primary Team: Pittsburgh Pirates

Years Active: 1956-1972

Check his stats out here

Year Inducted: 2001 (Veterans Committee) 376 more words

Baseball Hall Of Fame Ranking

#212-Johnny Evers, 2B

Full Name: John Joseph Evers

Nickname: Johnny, Crab, Trojan

Primary Team: Chicago Cubs (Orphans)

Years Active: 1902-1917, 1922, 1929

Check out his stats here

Year Inducted: 1946 (Veteran’s Committee) 407 more words

Baseball Hall Of Fame Ranking

The Trade Effect part 1..... hitters

We’re nearing July which holds two significant dates in the Baseball calendar. The All-Star Game. And the Trade Deadline. It’s a time when teams need to decide whether they’re going all in for this year, giving up until 2017 and beyond or holding pat. 1,432 more words

Fantasy Baseball

Waving the White Flag

So last weekend I didn’t post anything and like my previous absence, personal issues got in the way. But things are fine now and I’ve only missed a few days and not a few weeks like last time. 1,359 more words

Fantasy Baseball

Top 10 Baseball Moments

Ok, so baseball’s officially over. The boys went out swinging, as they say. I survived scorekeeping and made only a few mistakes, though the whole ‘error’ thing completely eludes me still. 1,009 more words