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Position by Position: Second Base

As Spring Training begins, Talk Cubs is starting a series highlighting each position on the Cubs, from First Base to the Bullpen. Talk Cubs will be posting a new position each day, and each preview includes last season’s stats, projections for 2017, and possible injury replacements. 920 more words

Position By Position

Baseball's Proposed Rule Change Will Enrage Purists (And Me)

Oh, you don’t like fist pumps? Hate pimping a home run? Think bat flipping should be punishable by firing squad? Well, then I got news for your old timers, we’re just going to pluck a dude off the bench and throw him on second base to start extra innings, how do ya like that for playing the game the right way? 437 more words


A Really Bad Idea

Sports Illustrated reports that major league baseball is considering a rule change that would apply only to extra-inning games.  Under the proposed rule, starting in the 10th inning, every team coming up to bat would begin their inning with a runner already on second base. 435 more words


Top 10 Second Basemen for 2017

Top 10 Lists for 2017: Click the link to view my other lists. Links will be populated as lists are published.


First Basemen… 133 more words

Bisexuality, a Useful Party Trick

“So would you, like, date a girl?”

asked the man from my latest failed date, my coworker, GYM.

We got into this conversation like it usually comes up. 809 more words

Hall of Fame Hopefuls- Second Basemen

Second basemen tend to be the smaller, less powerful players on a team.  Most are good base runners, and most hit for a high average.  Like at first base, there are twenty second basemen inducted in the Hall of Fame, ranging from Rogers Hornsby to Johnny Evers.   489 more words


#9- Rogers Hornsby, 2B

Year Inducted: 1942 (BBWAA, ballot #5, 182/233)

Score: 51274

In 1921, the hit movie The Sheik debuted.  It became such a hit that certain segments of the country became enthusiastic about things that sounded “Arabian”.   524 more words