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Depressingly Early Fantasy Tiers: Second Base

Since the last time I posted, it’s still depressingly early to be talking about fantasy baseball. Nothing has changed, except for the minutes of light shaved off our days and the imperceptible shift from slate grey to dirty black in the dusk sky as you rush home from work. 1,349 more words


#43- Joe Morgan, 2B

Year Inducted: 1990 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 363/444)

Score: 32764

The Big Red Machine was one of the greatest assemblies of talent ever on a baseball roster.   511 more words

Hall Of Fame

#49- Frankie Frisch, 2B

Year Inducted: 1947 (BBWAA, ballot #6, 136/161)

Score: 31376

After winning the World Series in 1926, the Cardinals and Rogers Hornsby (their player-manager and best player) were in contract disputes.   446 more words


The Art of Second Base

Alright ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats, because its about to get bumpy… or should I say “boob-y”. Anyway, we are going to talk about boobs. 728 more words

Dating Life

#59- Craig Biggio, 2B

Year Inducted: 2015 (BBWAA, ballot #3, 454/549)

Score: 29393

There are some players who seem difficult to tie down to one position.  How should history look upon a player like Rod Carew?   603 more words


#75- Rod Carew, 2B

Year Inducted: 1991 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 401/443)

Score: 28160

There are some players who can just work wonders with a bat in their hands.  There are players that can just, like clockwork, be penciled in to hit .300 at the start of a season or consistently get 200 hits a year or will always hit 30 homers.   330 more words


#77- Roberto Alomar, 2B

Year Inducted: 2011 (BBWAA, ballot #2, 523/581)

Score: 27834

There are times when baseball seems to run in the family.  Luis Aparicio’s father was a star player in his native country before teams were scouting the Carribean nations for talent.   514 more words