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#127- Joe Gordon, 2B

Year Inducted: 2009 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 21458

The Yankees have been covered a lot on here.  As the sport’s most successful team, it makes sense that some players have been elevated slightly in both their value to the sport and from a statistical point of view.   412 more words


#129- Billy Herman, 2B

Year Inducted: 1975 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 21160

There are times when some players in the Hall of Fame feel redundant (for lack of a better word).   356 more words


#130- Bobby Doerr, 2B

Year Inducted: 1986 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 21144

Back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Red Sox won one American League Pennant despite having some of the top players in the league.   425 more words


#138- Bid McPhee, 2B

Year Inducted: 2000 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 20207

Baseball is indebted to its history.  The game, like this country, was built on the shoulders of giants.  And, it is for this reason, it’s important to remember the players that came first.   496 more words


#145-Jackie Robinson, 2B

Year Inducted: 1962 (BBWAA, ballot #1, 124/160)

Score: 19199

Someone, eventually, was going to be the first African American player in the modern game.  There is no way the country would allow its major sport to continue segregating under an old “gentleman’s agreement”, especially when racial tensions were starting to come to the forefront of the American Consciousness.   377 more words


#147-Nellie Fox, 2B

Year Inducted: 1997 (Veterans Committee)

Score: 18305

The city of Chicago certainly has had luck with double play tandems and the Hall of Fame, haven’t they?   383 more words