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Survivor: Cambodia - Thoughts After Episodes 10 & 11

Thoughts After Episodes 10 and 11:

  • The majority “alliance” was left reeling after Jeremy, Stephen, and Spencer turned on everyone they had been voting with to blindside Kelly Wiglesworth.
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First Love. Second Chance. Third Party.

First Love – Siya ang unang taong minahal mo. Sa kanya unang tumibok ang malambot mong puso. Siya ang dahilan ng mga ngiting umaabot hanggang tainga. 545 more words

Love & Relationship

Orange and Purple and Blue

I love watching sunset. Feels like time is slowing down. It’s fleeting and mesmerizing. The oranges and dark purples and blues overlapping each other in a way that you know that nobody but God could make something so beautiful. 35 more words

Survivor: Cambodia - Thoughts After Episode 9

Thoughts on Episode 9:

  • The Witches Coven was born this week, thanks to a great confessional by Kimmi Kappenburg. Kimmi, identifying the three ladies on the bottom as the witches stirring the pot, was clear in her ambitions to get Abi, Ciera, and Kelley out of the game before they could mess anything else up for the majority alliance.
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Review of LAST CHANCE CHRISTMAS by Joanne Rock

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Loved this second chance Christmas story by Joanne Rock! I was lucky enough to get an ARC from NetGalley and I really enjoyed it. 222 more words

Beauty for Ashes

   Aaron was Moses’ brother, his ‘prophet’ as NLT puts it, he was a mouthpiece for Moses at a time Moses thought he wasn’t a good speaker. 574 more words

Survivor: Second Chance - Episode 9, "Witches Coven"

Rating: A

From a viewer’s perspective, unpredictable Survivor is enjoyable Survivor, and this is why Survivor: Second Chance has been so great, particularly since the merge. 714 more words

Survivor: Second Chance