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When you let go of regret

When you’re not exactly where you want to be in a certain aspect of your life, your mind tends to wander to your past choices and how things could have been different.   373 more words

Made To Inspire

From Addiction to Culinary Wiz: Chef Anand at DC Central Kitchen Tells her Story

Chef Anad strides with confidence between aisles of cooks finely chopping onions, mashing beans and pureeing tomatoes. The kitchen is a bustle but an almost palpable calm emanates from Anand, a small-framed woman with a beaming smile. 475 more words


A Love Story

He was in love!
The truly, madly, deeply kind.
How can I tell, you ask?
The gleam in his eyes, the smile on his face and the spring in his step…a clichéd but apt explanation. 322 more words


I think Meredith Grey said it best:

“Change is literally the only constant in all of science. Energy. Matter. It’s always changing, morphing, merging, growing, dying. 509 more words

Rants And Such

Second Chances

God gives second chances. And third. And fourth. So on. The thing is not so much that failure is not falling down but staying down. The thing is knowing that you have fallen in the first place. 298 more words


God: Agent of Change

Often times we desire to change ourselves, our lifestyles, and our decision making processes or the lack there of. However with that being so we try to determine what needs to be changed, and we don’t allow God to do the evaluation and make the changes that he sees fit to make. 171 more words