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the second time around...

I have been spending a lot of time with first-time moms recently and it has me thinking about how I was as a first-time mom and all of the things that were “important” to me with Leo and how they have changed and shifted the second time around.   799 more words


I'm Still Here

The title says it all! Still no baby.

I must say it is quite fun to go out in public and freak people out, though. Well, not really freak them out, but watch their reactions when I answer their baby-related questions. 281 more words


When people ask 'that' question...

“So then. It must be time for the next one by now?!”

“Come on, when are you having number two?”

“Are you pregnant yet?!”

These are all questions that for the last six months I am asked on a regular basis. 429 more words


Good News (and the fear in my eyes)

I apologize I have been so silent lately! As most of you know, my husband and I are expecting baby #2 in September! The first trimester sucked all my energy from me and I was in a constant state of “fog.” I really didn’t have any desire to get on here and write. 467 more words


Second Child Syndrome.

A short time ago, my youngest daughter Natalie asked me why there were no pictures of her in the family photo archives.

“Of course we have pictures of you,,” I replied and grabbed a box of pictures to prove my point. 490 more words


Kate Middleton Reveals Baby #2's Due Date

The second royal baby is coming!

I have been OBSESSED with the royals since I was a little girl. As an only child you play ‘princess’ a lot and even into my adulthood the REAL princess is fascinating to me. 126 more words


GUEST POST : Under pressure - the second child conundrum

Sometime after your child passes the one year mark, those standard issue questions – so when are you having number 2? thinking about the next one yet? 1,195 more words