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Dear Firstborn

Disclaimer: If your high and mighty self has never made a mistake or felt any kind of ill-feelings towards your child(ren) and you fart rainbows and sneeze glitter and butterflies, feel free to skip this post and leave the mommy-shaming in your head. 1,168 more words

Lessons Learned

Another Child?

I didn’t know this was a thing but when you your child turns 1, they are no longer a baby and the tides will turn.  Suddenly, just like the day you were married, your friends and family will take a new interest in your sex life and what might result from that…besides an orgasm.  482 more words


Will it always hurt this much?

I was recently asked by someone who was hurting from a failed attempt ‘Will it always hurt this much?’

My first gut response was to blurt out yes with my next breath, but fortunately I was able to hold onto that thought and think some more about it. 262 more words

Secondary Infertility

Zephyr’s playmates are finally on the way!


Julia Bradbury was so desperate to “provide a playmate” for her son Zephyr she underwent 5 rounds of IVF and at age 44 is now expecting two playmates, twins!   117 more words

Secondary Infertility

Most couples will try anything!

So today, 22 January, is officially the day most New Years Resolutions are given up.  I’ve long since given up giving up things for the New Year as without a goal I’m not very good at maintaining them, so I guess I’d be one of the ones falling by the wayside today, had I tried in 2015. 331 more words

Secondary Infertility

Wisdom in one so young

So this morning I sadly received a text from a friend whose second IVF cycle failed.  BFN as they say (well they say Big Fat Negative though admittedly the ‘F’ always meant something else in this house!)  I was so terribly sorry for her and angry at her misfortune and it took me right back to those dark days when I would just want to scream and shout at the lack of control I had over the result. 329 more words

Secondary Infertility

Baby Hillin #2 | Ultrasounds

We had a second ultrasound a little over a week ago to see the newest babe and everything seems to be growing just as it should! 84 more words