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I’m not totally against getting fat when pregnant. I mean, I don’t love seeing cellulite appear on my thighs, arms, ears and last time I checked, I wasn’t growing a human in my ass so I’m not entirely sure why that’s getting bigger as well, but in general, I’m at peace with the reality that my body is currently hijacked and out of my control. 463 more words


My Journey of Self-Restraint: Second Child Syndrome

Hey all,

So I’ve been working on different aspects of my life: fitness, budget, Shopping, and most importantly, my kids. While they are the most important thing in this journey, I can’t help but feel bad for my second born…as much as I thought I would be ‘different,’ and beat all the odds of the second one getting less than the first…we’ve already fallen into many of the second child traps: 312 more words

The (second) first smile

One thing I sometimes worried about when I was pregnant for the second time, was that this child wouldn’t get as much love and attention as our first one. 355 more words


Just like that...

Dimples spent her last night of being two co-sleeping with Match and I. She is such a love and while we are trying to bridge the gap to her own bed… I couldn’t bear to not snuggle with her last night. 175 more words


Some lovely news... 

You never find out like you think you will, ‘just like in the movies’. I snuck away from my husband one evening in early March with a sneaky suspicion that I could be pregnant. 279 more words

A Mum's Life

An apology to my newest baby

Sweet sweet angelic boy,

You woke up my life when you came into this world. You came in with such a force, all on your own time. 560 more words


Afraid of Number 2, Part 3

Irrespective of whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist, having your first child is an act of faith.

No matter how much you learn or how well you prepare, no first time parent knows what they’re getting themselves into. 1,214 more words