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Feisty but full of love!

When Ellis was born people told me it’ll be easier this time round because you know what your doing etc.. I don’t think you ever know what your doing to be honest I think we all just ‘wing it’ I think with our second, third, forth and so on we are a lot more laid back… we don’t pick them up immediately at every cry, we don’t worry if the nappy hasn’t been changed once an hour, we don’t worry if the dummy falls on the floor, we don’t panic if they cough or they sneeze 😂… so to some degree yes it is a tad easier, but my gosh the sleepless nights or the nappy explosions don’t get easier along with getting used to looking after two children and keeping yourself alive at the same time 😊. 975 more words

Motherhood & Family Life

Spinning Plates

I am thirty five weeks pregnant today, but what I can only describe as being an eventful and at times traumatic pregnancy, does not mean that it has been all doom and gloom. 589 more words

Parental Support

Here we go again

We have some exciting news to share that I haven’t even posted on my Facebook page yet. It will come to no surprise to some of you that we are expecting again!! 746 more words


Preparing for a Sibling

Supporting a young child through the change

As I thought about having a second child I was challenged to think about how this would affect my firstborn. 1,309 more words

Gentle Parenting

Power of Words

In the last 2 weeks I’ve been asked question by two friends, at two separate times. Both these friends have children of similar ages to Little MPB. 431 more words


Happy Birthday Malie

You turn 4 today!

I’m so proud of my Taurus♉. She’s growing up so well and into such a beautiful girl. She’s so amazing and sweet. 35 more words

Another child to my broken marriage

I projected my life on someone… I know, I know …I shouldn’t have. I don’t really know if people with drama and issues in their lives should even be allowed to give advise, because somehow there has to be even a small ounce of projection in there! 1,144 more words