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Easy You (Part II)

If I stood in front of a mirror, and was really honest with myself, I would have to admit a lot of the anguish, sadness, turmoil, and disappointment I suffer is my doing. 97 more words


Coming Soon!

Okay, I am sorry.
This blog has been inactive for a very long time. I apologize for all of those who subscribed..

Well, the thing is, I am pregnant again. 145 more words



“A portrait of my boys, once a week, every week, in 2015″

Since Ru started walking I’ve wanted a picture of them holding hands, but I didn’t want to force it. 175 more words


I had an affair...

On the eve of July 25th 2011.  I’ll never forget that evening or those hours. For an entire three and a half years, my heart, mind, soul and breath belonged to one person.  385 more words

About Ezaz

I thought that as my skills and experience “improved” from baby number 1, everything will be easy for me.

Nah! Wroonggg! Remember that baby no 1 now has become toddler, and there are more new things about baby no 2 than things that are repeating baby no 1 conditions. 730 more words


I'd Like You to Know...

I am infertile. I have secondary infertility, which means I cannot have another child. We’ve been trying for 4 years for a second child and only ‘managed’ 3 miscarriages. 977 more words


Dear My Second Child,

I am 15 weeks pregnant with you, I read a post this week that really hit home on how I am feeling about bringing you into this world while having a toddler helper on our side. 210 more words

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