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Rachel's Birth Story

Rachel has been kind enough to share her birth story. Before giving birth to her second child Rachel attended MummyNatal with me and this is her birth story. 1,059 more words


#103 – New Sibling Syndrome (not again?)

Just when I thought that the new sibling syndrome was over, it happened again when I least expected it.

A couple of weeks ago (it was coincidentally the onset of the Chinese Hungry Ghost month), L started being “shy” and didn’t want to say hi to neighbours in the lift. 234 more words


The Second One!

Off-late, my every other FB post, status update or photo is about people welcoming their second baby. While some of them are expecting their second child, the others have been recently blessed with their second one. 528 more words

And so it begins...

Today, my wife went for a blood test as we begin another round of IVF.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were incredibly lucky with the first cycle, which resulted in a positive pregnancy test and, nine months or so later, H. 227 more words


My 5 Minute Pregnancy Bedtime Practice

I found this book when I was pregnant with my second baby. Placed it on my bedside table and every night would read the page for they day. 121 more words

#102 – Favouritism

Everyone has their favourite and I’m no exception. After all, L has been with us for 3 years. It helps when she’s so interactive, responsive, sociable, cheeky, funny…I can just go on and on. 331 more words


Oh Baby! Look What P!nk's Been Hiding!

P!nk’s been keeping a low profile for a while and now we know why!

She posted this on instagram 2 hours ago with the caption “Surprise!” 61 more words