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#108 – Bonding

Both the kids sleep in the same room with the helper. L loves being the elder sibling, looking after her brother all the time. We have this weekend sleep-over arrangement with L and she always looks forward to it cos she can play games with us before she sleeps and it’s a great bonding time together too. 72 more words

Second Child

Becoming Mother, Again

Becoming a mother for a second time has definitely been an adventure so far. I’d love to tell you that I’m enjoying every single second of it and have been since I found out I had become pregnant, but I can’t honestly do that. 689 more words


Baby Shower, Car, and Third Trimester

Yesterday was just a blah day.

A coworker had her work baby shower in the conference room at lunch. My cube is directly across from the conference room. 1,294 more words


Retrograde Motion and Juice for Dad

One of the few things I remember from Grade 9 science class is the concept of retrograde motion, where planets appear to move backwards relative to stars over a number of days, a sort of loop-de-loop pattern if it was plotted on a graph. 844 more words

An Open Letter to My Second Child

Dear Youngest Daughter,

There are so many times I want to say I’m sorry. Times when I feel that in being born second, you somehow got slighted. 1,291 more words


"You shouldn't compare them"

Angus and Connie are so different.

Connie was so fast to learn everything when she was a baby, she was rolling just before she turned three months old, she was crawling by five miles months she old, she was holding her own bottle at seven and a half months and cruising at eight. 265 more words


Does my husband know?

I am scared to have another baby.

There. I said it.

Currently this isn’t even an option for us financially but I fear the day we are able to afford it..because I’m scared of doing it all again. 1,209 more words