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Talking about SI is a balancing act

So the last few months have been a blur juggling the family, running my business and doing the one thing that has taken over everything, launching ‘More Love To Give’. 1,223 more words


My Guilt

So, I wrote the list below last week after bawling my eyes out on the driveway (and inside the house) over my guilt. I had been chatting with a friend that morning and had asked her what her kiddo did at 10 months. 687 more words

New Baby

9 things I wish I had known before having a second baby

Don’t you just love how as soon as you have your first baby, people start asking you when you’re having a second one? I have two boys and strangers are constantly telling me that I should have a girl. 1,095 more words


The wait begins

So I am nesting already. Even though I’m wiped out from 2 nights of pretty much no sleep from Theodore, and mega heartburn, plus serious breathlessness, I am still nesting. 131 more words

Second Baby Blues

Our second child is due in June, and I have been feeling a little melancholy at times. It is a sadness that hits me when I think about my little tornado of a toddler now, it is when I watch him sleep, it is when I see him play. 761 more words

Heart Stuff

Day 27: Baby 1 vs Baby 2: Nap time

When my son was a baby and I was freshly staying home I OBSESSED about his schedule. I mean I obsessed about everything he did but especially his schedule. 283 more words

Moving Past an Illness Phobia

This post is inspired by a reader who goes by the name, Anon. She says she contacted us last year when she was pregnant with her second child and she was unsure if it was what she wanted. 1,242 more words

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