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The Elusive Second Child

I always dreamed of having two children.  So did Mr. MPB.

Eventually our dream became to simply have one living child.

We now have that dream thanks to Baby MPB. 610 more words


The Waiting Game: Baby #2

We’re ready to POP! And the walking begins for me :)

We’re officially waiting to meet our boy. It may take days or still 2- 3 weeks though but we’re full term already! 384 more words


Finding out the gender of your baby

Everyone that knows me knows I don’t have much patience so it did cross my mind when we were booking for my gender scan not to find out. 237 more words

20 Weeks Pregnant

#87 – Sibling Love

I’m totally surprised actually… When I brought L to the kids’ toys section yesterday, I found her looking at toys that are for babies. So I told her that she has outgrown those toys and that they are not suitable for her. 46 more words

Second Child

Can't sleep, won't sleep: Surviving postnatal insomnia

“Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Yeah, right.

Everyone warns you about disrupted nights, though nothing prepares you for being woken, some nights, every 45 minutes. From two to seven months, two hours was a long sleep for my younger daughter. 1,100 more words

An unfashionable hand me down refashion

This post is basically an apology to my second child.  I am sorry my darling, you are not getting the same mummy that your big brother got.   255 more words


Second Child Talk Radio Disney and Recording

By Gilchrist Green, Staff Writer

Clive Davis senior Alex Tremitiere and Fordham graduate Alex DeSimine are the brains behind the band Second Child. Based out of NYC and Philadelphia, their future folk sound is evolving, and now with a solid lineup, they are ready to establish their place in New York’s music scene. 517 more words