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I'm Guilty of Feeling Scared to Be a Mom to a Second Baby

As I sit here typing this, I’m 19 weeks pregnant. I can feel this little bean moving around now and my husband has felt her/him kick twice. 1,006 more words

Second Time Breastfeeding for Longer

I breastfed my first child for about 3 months, and even though I was convinced it was the best thing fr, I didn’t particularly enjoyed it. 218 more words


Happy First Birthday Sweet P!

Oh my Sweet P, my little baby, where has this year gone?

I remember anxiously awaiting your arrival as you took your sweet time to greet us. 755 more words


Lessons Learned by Going From One Child to Two

While pregnant with Avery I never gave much thought to what it was going to be like going from one child to two. Mostly because Hayden is six years old and I didn’t have to worry about extra diaper changes or feedings. 884 more words

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The “Baby Blues”

Nobody tells you that you are going to feel this way. I was not at all prepared for the aftermath of emotions that came post delivery. 595 more words

Mom Life

The second time is sweeter

Oh the second baby. After the ravage of childbirth, the year of ‘firsts’, surviving sleep deprivation, and finally getting the hang of it, along comes the desire to have another baby. 286 more words


One in the Morning

One in the morning: This is the time Carson wakes for a feeding. At first, it was difficult to open my eyes, drag myself to the kitchen and make him a bottle. 564 more words