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The rest of the dead - Revelation 20:5-6

Previously: The first resurrection – Revelation 20:4b-5

The scripture

Rev. 20:5 – The rest of the dead did not come to life until the 1,000 years were completed. 478 more words

End Times

TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Second Life (Second #2) by Emily Reese (@writerreese)

She thought her trials were over…

When she ended the Second Life of the serial killer turned vampire responsible for her own transformation, Claire assumed she’d be able to move on with her life. 270 more words

Urban Fantasy

What is Tartarus

What is Tartarus?

Hell part 4

Tartarus translated from the Greek word τάρταρος tártaros is synonymous with ancient Greek mythology concerning gods and the Titans in a similar situation which existed in ancient Mesopotamia during the pre-flood era concerning angels, women and their hybrid offspring called the Nephilim, these were the giants, the famous men of renown recorded in Genesis chapter six. 1,026 more words

Bible Reading

What is Gehenna?

What is Gehenna?

Hell part 3

In the valley of Hinnom on the outskirts of Jerusalem and in the high places many evil practices took place including the sacrifice of children to Molech by burning infants in the fire. 1,025 more words

Bible Reading

Revelation 2:8-11 -- Though we may go through trial and tribulation

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that these letters to the churches were meant to prepare us for the antichrists and tribulations to come . 784 more words

New Testament

Damien SN1 EP2 - 'Second Death'

I dont know about you kids but I’m sure hell (pardon the pun) getting sucked in and loving the intrigue and mystery how about you? 406 more words

Films & TV

Second death

If you are not living

you are dying? No.  If you are living you ARE dying.  Life (biologically) is inadvertently connected to death.

Praise God there is a Life that is deathless – it is found in Christ.  16 more words