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Timestamp #30: The Power of the Daleks

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks
(6 episodes, s04e09-e14, 1966)

Hello, new Doctor! And welcome to the confusion. It’s really nice to see how the Doctor has to stabilize after such a traumatic event, presumably his first, in light of my experience with the series from the Ninth Doctor on. 242 more words


The Underwater Menace, Part 2

The Doctor fiddles with the power, allowing Ara to rescue Polly during the cover of darkness.  The Doctor figures out Zaroff plans to raise Atlantis from the sea by draining the ocean, and essentially cracking the earth’s crust and destroying the earth for no real reason but being able to (Zaroff would take some good notes from Davros.  182 more words


The Underwater Menace, Part 1

Jamie is still incredulous about the TARDIS as they arrive on a mysterious volcanic island.  Soon, Ben, Jamie, Polly, and the Doctor are kidnapped by mysterious natives.  222 more words


Any Who fans named Kaitlyn (or any spelling of it), you might love this

Ok, so maybe it’s more if you are a classic who fans, but there is an animated video of the second doctor (with the actor who played his companion doing a darn good imitation of him).  13 more words

For the Love of Jelly Babies

My question is this, did the writers or someone want the fourth doctor’s quirk to be jelly babies? Here is my reasoning, even before the lovable Tom Baker ever had a jelly baby bag in his hand, the second doctor had offered a jelly baby. 54 more words

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Frazer Hines Interview

Frazer Hines discusses his time in the TARDIS and how production worked back then.

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You Can't Do the Second Doctor without Your Hands

Frazer Hines who played the second doctor’s companion, playing Jamie McCrimmon now does impressions of the second doctor from time to time but claims he cannot do them without imitate him without also doing his beloved doctor’s hand movements. 15 more words