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The Dominators, Part 2

The Doctor and Jamie get kidnapped by the Dominators, who wish to test their intelligence to gauge them as a threat.  They try to act less intelligent as part of a plan to fool them, and the Dominators are convinced they have no opposition in their plans to harvest the mineral resources of Dulkis.  161 more words

Second Doctor

The Dominators, Part 1

The Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe arrive on Dulkis, a peaceful utopia world of toga-wearing scientists, a world that is also been recently visited by a cold, logical, unusually dressed alien invaders and their robot servants.  338 more words

Second Doctor

DDW: Second & Sixth Doctor tributes

Hello!! How are you all today? I hope you’re well. Fall is getting closer and closer.. today really felt like autumn. (Forgive my back-and-forth usage of words, it happens.) Less than a month away until season 9 airs, too! 40 more words

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TARDIS Departures: Victoria Waterfield

The Doctor is clearly fond of Victoria.  In Pyramids of Mars, two regenerations later, the Doctor confuses Sarah Jane for her in a flowing white dress (which the earlier hadn’t really worn since Evil of the Daleks).  383 more words

Second Doctor