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Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 4x23-26: The Moonbase

The Doctor and companions visit Mars and find some old friends there. They have a pleasant reunion without incident. 1,282 more words

Classic Doctor Who

Evil of the Daleks, Part 1

The TARDIS was stolen, the Doctor and Jamie are in hot pursuit under what increasingly looks like a trap.  The springer of said trap?  A Victorian antique dealer named Waterfield who’s antiques look curiously fresh.  348 more words


The Faceless Ones, Part 6

The Doctor bluffs about having access to the originals of the airport duplicates, the Faceless Ones call him on the bluff.  There’s enough time stalled that the Commandant is able to find (with help from Samantha and Jean) the location of the originals.  497 more words


Timestamp #34: The Macra Terror

Doctor Who: The Macra Terror
(4 episodes, s04e27-e30, 1967)

First things first: I love the new opening with Patrick Troughton’s face in the vortex.

At first, I thought this was a… 333 more words


The Faceless Ones, Part 5

Jamie finally figures out what happens to the other young people, miniaturized and placed in storage on the Faceless Ones’ satellite.  He also meets Inspector Crosswell, or rather the Faceless Ones’ director, wearing Crosswell’s face.  266 more words


Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 4x19-22: The Underwater Menace

It was inevitable that we’d visit Atlantis, wasn’t it? At least the food’s pretty boss. 1,127 more words

Classic Doctor Who

The Faceless Ones, Part 4

What are the Faceless Ones up to?  Let me save you twenty four minutes: wait til next episode.  The big developments here are the Doctor is able to avoid another Faceless One trap and get his way into their medical facility, stealing matching black and white wrist bands, using an elaborate hoax from part of the airport staff.  263 more words