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Simon Guerrier trails the Cover of Evil!

Over on his blog (0tralala.blogspot.com aka Nothing Tra La La?), Simon Guerrier has the cover for his forthcoming Black Archive study of The Evil of the Daleks… 20 more words

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‘Dreams of Empire’

RICHARDS, Justin. Dreams of Empire. 1998.

‘On a barren asteroid, the once-mighty Haddron Empire is on the brink of collapse, torn apart by civil war. 268 more words


My Thoughts on "The Dominators" - Story 044

Notice how it’s been about a week since I actually finished watching this story? Yes. I am going to claim that I took quite a while to let my thoughts on it sink in and digest properly before writing them down, as the only other option is that I’m mind-blowingly lazy. 196 more words

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36 - The Three Doctors

Back in 1973, a bright spark at the BBC suddenly realised that Doctor Who had reached a significant milestone – its tenth season. To mark the occasion, the producers took the bold step to write a story featuring every one of the Doctor’s incarnations, and the resulting story was entitled exactly what it was: … 537 more words

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Episode 215 - "The Dominators" - Part 05

Man, I’m doing great with my commitment to blog daily.

In my defense, I’ve been sick. Also, I’m lazy.

This story has really gotten a bit dull. 107 more words

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Episode 214 - "The Dominators" - Part 04

And so we hit part four, and get an interesting result when doing a Google Image search for pics from this story.

This story is getting a bit “meh” at this point. 69 more words

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Episode 213 - "The Dominators" - Part 03

I’ve enough time mocking the outfits of the Dominators, which they do richly deserve. But let’s take a moment to reflect on the curtain-clad Dulceans and their horrible fashion sense. 157 more words

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