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The Macra Terror

“My advice to you is: don’t do anything of the sort. Don’t just be obedient. Always make up your own mind.” The Doctor

11th March – 1st April 1967… 1,110 more words

Missing Adventures

Time Of The TARDIS (1963-1969)

The TARDIS is seemingly the only constant in the Doctor’s life. Like the Doctor, the TARDIS has seemingly regenerated throughout it’s history. Jamie has decided to go back in time and look at each of the different incarnations of the Doctor’s Type 40 TARDIS and see how this magnificent ship has evolved.  516 more words

The Moonbase

‘It seems to move so slowly’ Polly

11th February – 4th March 1967

The Memory Cheats

OK, trying to calm down. It may not be a complete story, we haven’t got one of those for a while yet, but it is a DVD for a story. 1,056 more words

Missing Adventures

The Underwater Menace

‘Nothing in the world can stop me now!’ Professor Zaroff

14 January – 4 February 1967

The Memory Cheats

This story was my Patrick Troughton choice in the run up to the 50th Anniversary so it is only just over a year ago that I last watched it. 1,275 more words

Missing Adventures

The Space Pirates (TV Story) Review

Title: The Space Pirates
Robert Holmes
Original Broadcast Date: 
8 March 1969 – 12 March 1969

Oh dear! Robert Holmes, a true Doctor Who writing legend, really got off to a bad start! 361 more words


The Underwater Menace. The Maddest of the Mad.

The DVD special features attached to this adventure make it clear that this story is perhaps primarily for completists.  An incomplete story for completists.  Patrick Troughton himself does not appear to be particularly fond of it. 548 more words

The Highlanders

‘There’s no plot.’ The Doctor

17th December 1966 – 7th January 1967

The Time Space Visualiser

The last sixties historical brings us to Culloden. I read this book in the 80s but can’t really remember it now. 1,097 more words

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