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The Enemy of the World, Part 3

Salamander’s men hold Denes captive.  Astrid, Jamie, and Victoria, plot to rescue Denes.  Fedorin is tasked by Salamander with poisoning Denes, backs out, and is poisoned by Salamander as a result.  247 more words

Second Doctor

The Enemy of the World, Part 2

The Doctor agrees to impersonate Salamander as part of Kent and Astrid’s plans and convinces Salamander’s security chief Bruce that he’s the real deal.  Bruce continues to investigate but can’t prove things one way or another.  351 more words

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The Krotons

Much like The Underwater Menace before it, I watched through this one with the unshakable sense that it wasn’t a particularly brilliant serial, but once again I bloody well enjoyed it anyway. 300 more words

Second Doctor

The Enemy of the World, Part 1

There’s a case of mistaken identity as The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria, arrive in 2018, only to find themselves being shot at and chased by a hovercraft, rescued by a helicopter by a woman calling herself Astrid Farrier.  360 more words

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Checking out Doctor Who: The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors is unique among multi-Doctor stories because it is not an anniversary special. It has more in common with the “Time-Crash” minisode from 2007 than  512 more words


Despite the Doctor trying to fight off the stunned Ice Warrior, he sets off the sonic cannon, damaging the base research wing.  After sending a threatening message to Clent, Varga goes to take the mercury elements from the base reactor, Clent sees no recourse but to accede to the Warriors’ demands.  384 more words

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The Invasion

Well, that was awesome. I’d seen it once before, back when the DVD with the animated episodes first came out, but seeing it in context really emphasised the scale of this story’s ambition, in terms of plot and production values. 460 more words

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