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Episode 229 - "The Krotons" - Part 01

Today we begin a new story, where the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe face up against the evil of…the Krotons!

Our heroes arrive on a strange alien world where the Hunger Games appear to be happening. 94 more words

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My Thoughts on Story 046 - "The Invasion"

Well, that’s eight episodes down, and zero to go! We’ve finished “The Invasion”, and that’s the last of the Cybermen we’ll see for a while. 346 more words

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Episode 228 - "The Invasion" - Part 08

Well, here we are, a week later and I’m finally finishing this off. What kept me from doing this sooner? Laziness! Sheer laziness!

Overall this is a good conclusion to the story. 105 more words

Second Doctor

Episode 227 - "The Invasion" - Part 07

Ah, here we are. The penultimate episode. Only one left to go!

The Cybermen are continuing their invasion of the world. It seems to be going well for them, and less so for the various armies. 80 more words

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Episode 226 - "The Invasion" - Part 06

So this is the episode. The most important one. The one that finally shows the clips that this story are most famous for.

This is what ends the story. 124 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Six

The Dominators – The episode that basically says that pacifism is wrong. The villains are more like a bickering old couple than intergalactic conquerors, and there’s nothing fun about that; Arthur Cox is totally miscast as young revolutionary Cully; the costumes are either ridiculously short or long; and the pacifist Dulcians are portrayed as idiots for their peaceful ways. 557 more words

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Very Brief Doctor Who Reviews - Season Five

The Tomb of the Cybermen – Picture naïve, little 14-year-old me. I’d seen An Unearthly Child, and I just assumed the two black and white Doctors would be more or less the same. 924 more words

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