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Episode 142 - "The Highlanders" - Part 02

They say that in the end, there can be only one. Yet here we are, born to be kings, and watching episode two!

Episode two begins with bagpipes, so…trigger warning. 317 more words


Episode 141 - "The Highlanders" - Part 01

Welcome to “The Highlanders”! This is a very important story in the history of the series, and in the history of the Second Doctor. For this is the story that introduces the one, the only, Jamie McCrimmon, who also added some eye-candy. 380 more words


My Thoughts on Story 030 - "Power of the Daleks"

The first of the Second Doctor serials has come and gone. It featured the return of the Daleks, which is always a mixed blessing. But it also featured Patrick Troughton settling into his role as the Doctor, and that’s wonderful. 184 more words


Episode 140 - "Power of the Daleks" - Part 06

Here we are, at the end of the first Troughton serial, and the last story to feature the Daleks until…well, until about six stories from now when they come back. 216 more words


Episode 139 - "Power of the Daleks" - Part 05

Five of six! Only one more episode to go! Hooray! I’ve had enough of these pervy Daleks!

So the Daleks have a production line going, cranking out more and more of them. 257 more words


My Top 10 Classic Stories

When it comes to vast episodes of Doctor Who it’s very difficult to choose a favourite. In this article I will be narrowing down my personal Top 10 episodes from the classic era. 1,466 more words

Episode 138 - "Power of the Daleks" - Part 04

There’s a Big Finish audio that has the Daleks zipping around pretending to be Shakespeare scholars. Yes, really. I couldn’t help but think of that when I saw this. 317 more words