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Tomb of the Cybermen, Part 3

The Cybermen threaten to upgrade the crew and the Doctor, and they would have if not for the timely intervention of the ridiculously American Captain Hopper.  443 more words

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Why the BBC should animate ... The Abominable Snowmen

My final case for animating the remainder of the missing episodes of Doctor Who takes a different approach to the first two arguments, by focusing on a story that is missing all but one of its episodes – … 700 more words

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Shoulder pads, curtains and The Dominators (1968)

By far my favourite parts of The Dominators are the Dominators. They come in a mighty invasion force of two. And they wear mountainous shoulder pads which a. 1,097 more words

Masters of Earth: The Top 6 60's Era Dalek Stories Ranked

Incoming transmission from the planet Skaro…

Attention humans of 21st century Earth: this pathetic site has been conquered by the Dalek Empire.  This blogosphere, as all spheres do, belong to the Daleks!  656 more words

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Timestamp: Fourth Series Summary

Doctor Who: Fourth Series Summary

The Power of the Daleks – 5
The Highlanders  – 4
The Underwater Menace – 2
The Moonbase – 3… 178 more words


Tomb of the Cybermen, Part 2

The Doctor explains the weapon testing lab that Jamie and the now-dead crew member had stumbled into, which was the last straw to getting the expedition scrapped.  386 more words

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