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Episode 235 - "Seeds of Death" - Part 03

So our space madness continues. In this episode we learn that space stations of the future will have, for some reason, a lot of mirrors. 186 more words

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TIBERIAN THOUGHTS – Tibbles and the Daleks #2: Vintage Dalek

The one where the pepperpots rise.

How does one represent the Daleks on screen?

They’re a mass. A crowd of shouting maniacs, a force of fascist destruction. 2,781 more words


Book Review: Doctor Who - The Indestructible Man

  • Title: The Indestructible Man
  • Series: BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures
  • Author: Simon Messingham
  • Characters:  Second Doctor, Zoë, Jamie, Gerry Anderson shows
  • Date Reviewed on GoodReads: 2/23/2013…
  • 126 more words

Episode 234 - "Seeds of Death" - Part 02

And so our heroes end up on a rocket…into space!

There are some interesting visuals during this episode, particularly during the scenes where the space mission is being launched. 159 more words

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Episode 233 - "Seeds of Death" - Part 01

We begin our latest adventure with the Doctor and friends in a familiar pose.

I mean, ok, this isn’t actually the first few moments of the story. 138 more words

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My Thoughts on Story 047 - "The Krotons"

So. Boring. Just…so very, very boring. Even thinking about this story makes me sleepy and upset.

It didn’t have to be this way. The concept of… 234 more words

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Doctor Who? The Second Doctor

At the end of the second serial of the Fourth Series William Hartnell bowed out of the titular role submitting the mantle of the Doctor to Patrick Troughton. 914 more words