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Timestamp: Sixth Series and Second Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Sixth Series and Second Doctor Summary

This was a rough collection of serials. It stopped the rise of the Second Doctor over the… 512 more words


The Space Pirates, Part 3

While Clancey deals with the Doctor and Zoe, Warne contacts Hermack saying Clancey’s ship is still attached to the beacon, and gives two minutes before firing warning rockets.  360 more words

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'The Three Doctors' Revisited

This week, I revisit the Tenth Anniversary episode of Doctor Who.  Spoilers obviously follow.

Key Players:

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee), Jo Grant (Katy Manning), … 1,295 more words

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"The Space Pirates," Part 2

The sealed pieces of the beacon are rocketing towards .  The Doctor figures out a way to try and get closer to the TARDIS, using the beacon pieces’ magnetic sealing technology, but it sends them rocketing out into space, there’s a chance they may run out of oxygen.  271 more words

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Timestamp #50: The War Games

Doctor Who: The War Games
(10 episodes, s06e35-e44, 1969)

We’re back to a regeneration episode and we have nowhere to go but up after The Space Pirates… 1,224 more words


The Space Pirates, Part 1

There are space pirates.  Pirates in space.  Led by a couple of space pirates named Maurice Caven and Dervish.  The Earth Space Corps, led by General Hermack and Major Warne, are out to apprehend space pirates, who are blowing up beacons in space.  251 more words

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If it's not Scottish...

Talking about Donna of course always reminds me of Jamie.

Jamie was the Second Doctor’s companion, from his second-ever adventure to the end of his incarnation. 225 more words

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