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Getting Ready for (More) Revision: My Favourite Revision Tips

I’ve read a lot of writing craft books in my life, but until recently, none of these were about revision.

The reason being because, until recently, I never had a completed, novel-length work in need of revising. 1,298 more words


The Old Tree

When I was young,

the aging tree had always

been in repose, as if cradled

not pulled by gravity.

Trunk dark as dirt

found in Home Depot, 84 more words

Capturing the Excitement.

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted something about my writing here. I was planning on getting a blog up yesterday but I had an unfortunate fall from my bicycle on the way home from work which meant I just spent the evening feeling sorry for myself and licking my wounds (not literally) for the night instead. 477 more words


Say No to Lazy Writing

What’s lazy writing? It’s the telling instead of showing. It’s overusing words that add nothing to the sentence and over all the story. It’s the lack of good grammar, or the overuse of grammar. 793 more words


The Overbearing Second Draft

For someone who has so many unfinished projects, you wouldn’t think I’d have a lot of problems with second drafts. But this isn’t a post about how difficult it is to write a second draft (though I’m sure that will pop up somewhere), this is more about how difficult it is to finish a first draft while continuing to populate ideas which are so much better than what you’ve already written. 565 more words


Editing Tip #6: Prioritise Macro Edits over Micro Edits

Not all forms of editing are created equal. While any type of editing should improve your story, some forms of editing are more powerful, effective and less time-consuming than others. 337 more words

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everlost: A Second Draft Update (and also a smol rant because #whynot)

Good morning, Cyberspace! It is currently 11:32 am on Monday, the 19th of June, and I have decided to take a smol break from rewriting… 1,305 more words