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3 Things to do after you finish your First Draft

Completing an entire novel is an amazing achievement, but if you’re serious about getting published, finishing the first draft doesn’t mean you’re finished working on your novel. 500 more words

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Second Draft: The origins of the cross on Mount Royal

Montrealers today know perfectly well that sudden wintertime thaws can bring flooding to low-lying areas along our rivers. But the first Montrealers didn’t have a clue. 635 more words

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Second Draft: Christmas 1916 in Montreal, against a backdrop of war

They said, when war broke out in the summer of 1914, that it would be over by Christmas. But now it was Christmas nearly 2½ years later, and still the men and women were dying, and children, too. 605 more words

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Second Draft: Institut canadien members faced pressure from the church

It was Dec. 11, 1882, and lawyer Joseph Doutre suddenly had a terrifying thought. He knew that his old friend Joseph Adolphe Hawley had been admitted to Hôpital Notre-Dame several days before. 601 more words

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Why My Favourite Draft Is The Second

Writing the first draft of a novel (as I am doing right now) is wonderful and scary and full of surprises. There is nothing quite like the exciting moment you first put down words to see where they go. 445 more words


Second Draft: Lachine to Montreal in nine minutes — in 1848

The Lachine Canal, which opened in 1825, was built to bypass the Lachine Rapids. Twenty-two years later, the Montreal and Lachine Rail Road was built to bypass the Lachine Canal. 616 more words

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Second Draft: Quarrelsome priest alienated just about everybody

Louise Pagé and her husband, Charles Nau, who farmed near Berthierville, were deeply religious. They fervently hoped that at least one of their sons would become a priest. 637 more words