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Second draft: Days 7-12

In between lots of procrastination and endless fretting about how I’m going to reach 50 pages (aka writer’s block), here’s what I managed to work on for the second draft. 534 more words

Second Draft

The struggle is real

I’m struggling to bring the second draft up to 50 pages. There, I said it.

Dan said to do a second pass of the script, rather than just going through it to fill in the holes. 112 more words

Second Draft

Second draft: Days 2-6

I didn’t do enough work on the above individual days to warrant a second blog post, so I’m combining them all.

  • At the same time that Clark and Sarah realise they’re being stalked by the Perceivers outside their house, the “big reveal” scene happens.
  • 245 more words
Second Draft

Baby Burnout, Writing Fatigue, and Dabbling With New Forms...

It’s getting old now, but I am EXHAUSTED. With work pressures, a boisterous 3 year old and our youngest fully enjoying the new world of walking, talking and playing day and night, amongst other things, I’m well ready for the summer holidays (I’ve been off a week and it┬áreally doesn’t feel like it.) 430 more words


Why can't I read anyone else? Or, how I'm having an affair with my book.

“Hi, I’m Cait, and I’m addicted to my manuscript.”

“Hiiiiiiii, Cait.”

Holy cow, this is bonkers. I’m on a staycation/writing-free holiday. My plan was to┬áread other authors for a change.

590 more words
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Second draft: Day 1

So day 1 of writing the second draft, and here are the changes I made:

  • Added a phone conversation between Will and his parents that takes place while he’s strolling through the city with Tara, and ends with them burying the hatchet and the Perceivers stalking the house, terrifying Clark and Sarah.
  • 397 more words
Second Draft

Second Draft Done and Dusted!

The Summer holidays are upon us, seeming to have crept up with the combined stealth of a ninja and speed of Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1. The past week has been a nightmare of pitting my will against time to put the finishing touches to the second draft of my manuscript before 100% of my time is occupied by bored children. 99 more words