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Second Draft Fears

Remember that feeling when you first started your first draft? You were excited and just ran with the wind. A few chapters in, you lost some steam, but you kept going. 249 more words


"Adverbs," He Said Professorially

I took a creative writing course at my first college. I dropped it later, because the professor didn’t know how to actually teach creative writing. That’s not to say that I knew what I was doing; I’d been writing since I was eleven, and by the time I took this professor’s class I was told by one professional author and another English professor that I was publishable, but I (today) wouldn’t consider myself (then) to know what I was talking about any more than that professor. 1,432 more words

Writing Tips

Screenwriting Term 2 - Second Draft

Second Draft Script – Man to Man

With this draft, I had the opportunity to have it read out in front of a larger group which was good as I could glean a higher variety of feedback from my cohort. 595 more words


12: The Waiting Game

I finished my revisions just over a week ago.  It managed to expand the story into 19 chapters, plus an epilogue.  It isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, but that’s what the 3rd draft is for, right? 323 more words


A Tortured Beginning -- Camp NaNoWriMo

Well, folks. April Fool’s Day has not been a friend to me these last two years, and it’s not because anyone is pulling pranks on me, because I don’t think God plays that way. 558 more words


How do you Know When to Start a Next Draft?

Draft one is easy enough. It’s when you finish writing it.

Draft two is maybe when you’ve made a bunch of changes.

Draft three?

Twenty million?


Update: 3/29/15

I am sure someone out there is wondering, vaguely, whatever happened to this work.  Yes, I’ve been working on it.  Let me catch all of you (looks out over a barren field) up on what’s been going on.  155 more words

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