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Second Draft: Criminal gangs have a long history in Montreal

The Hells Angels and similar gangs are in the news from time to time. Yet criminal gangs are not a recent arrival in Montreal, even if the depredations of modern ones are carried out on an unprecedented scale. 610 more words

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Second thoughts

Having listened to a podcast that takes the first 250 words of any submitted pieces of fiction and examines how they can be improved, I decided to have a look at the first draft of a short story I posted a while ago, called… 1,583 more words


An Open Letter To My Second Draft

Dear second draft,

I’m not going to lie to you; it’s getting difficult. We’re almost 30k into the rewrite, with a good 50k to go. That includes you, O pesky quest that seems to be hiding from view every time I think about you. 395 more words

The Revision Process (Day 2, 3,300/100,000)

So. Wow. Yesterday, I decided to delve into something that I should have been doing for a while. It’s something that I’ve put off, something that I’ve made every excuse in the world not to do. 744 more words

Creative WRiting

New blooms

waving cups of white

at blades of tender green

-I turned my head to see,

but the field fell behind –

curved like arms I could have laid with all my life.

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Louise Maich on The Psychology of a Second Draft

We don’t often have the privilege to get inside another writer’s mind to see how they fared throughout the arduous process of beginning writing, then finishing, a book. 1,053 more words

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Second Draft: Halley's comet dazzled and frightened Montrealers

It was in the wee hours — the very wee hours — of May 16, 1910. Seven boys, students at the High School of Montreal on University Street, had made their way up to the Lookout on Mount Royal. 617 more words

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