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Second Draft Complete

It feels like I’ve been labouring over my second draft forever, stuck editing the same lines over and over again. Taking my freewriting, stream-of-conscious musings and shaping them into some sort of narrative. 216 more words


Rewriting, and how I finally stopped avoiding it

I’ve called this blog tightrope writing. Why? Because I realised that writing a novel when you are a complete unknown is much like walking on a tightrope. 629 more words


The cat is staying, because of Quantums

It’s funny how the brain works when you’re writing.

In my current manuscript, I’ve had a cat appear throughout. There’s nothing particularly special about it. It’s not a magic cat or anything like that. 391 more words


Agents of Fortune

First off, anybody know which band I have ripped off for the title of this weeks blog? For those of an inquisitive nature you can find the answer… 404 more words

First Novel

At the Halfway Point of Rewriting (Rewrite #1)

Last November, I joined the masses striving to write a 50,000+ word manuscript during NaNoWriMo. Having written small pieces as a young girl, usually in collaboration with friends on school buses, at recess, or via snail mail over the summers, I thought it was time to try my hand at it as an adult. 413 more words


The Art of Crafting a Great Second Draft —

As Hemingway once said: ‘The first draft of anything is shit’, and when I’m coaching other writers I always advise they give themselves permission to write badly first time round.

37 more words
Writing Tips

Tarot and Writing: 2

Tarot Inspirations

In my first tarot and writing post I said I’d be sharing my tarot drawings, but instead I’m going to share a new thing that has come up for me. 387 more words