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The Wait of the Words

Revisions are tough!

After embracing the flippancy and adolescent carelessness of first drafting, my writing suddenly needs to grow up and get a job. 327 more words


The Floral Kingdoms: Runaway Rose [2nd Draft COMPLETED]


Hey, guys!

Way back in April 2014, I shared my accomplishment of finishing 52K in 11 days (don’t remember? Check it out HERE). Well, I’m happy to share another milestone for Runaway Rose. 268 more words


Getting Back to Writing

Well I am going to go back and start using the write practice again.  I am still writing my story.  Well second draft.. sort of.  It still feels like draft one because I am doing so much writing in it, there really is all writing at this point and no editing yet.   249 more words

Writing Update: First Draft of Novel Complete. Round 2 Edits Begin.

I recently finished the first draft of my first novel. I immediately felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment and elation. I knew the process was far from finished, but I thought I would probably take a break from the novel and revisit it for further edits in a few weeks. 134 more words


M. B. Weston's Writing Diary: 02/09/15

The second draft is always the draft that balloons out, for me anyway. Today I worked on finishing up the second draft of this steampunk superhero story I’m working on. 1,224 more words


Sunday Sunday Sunday! #RoW80 Check-in

Well another week has passed. I think we are finally exiting this cold and moving back to normal life. The cough has lingered, but it’s not so bad anymore. 655 more words


Second Draft: Newspaper editor Ludger Duvernay was challenged to a duel after panning a military ball

It was the social event of the season. The dreariness of winter’s depths in 1833 would be dispelled by a glittering masquerade ball given by Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan McDougall and the local British army garrison. 651 more words

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