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Second Draft Slump - Widgets and Whisky

I’ve hit something of a slump halfway through the second draft of my novel. Every day it’s becoming more of a struggle to load up that word document and edit the words in to something that I don’t hate. 339 more words


And a second draft

There I was, sitting on my first draft, and on three months’ worth of notes – sticky or otherwise – and more than a little stuck with a sense of neither being ready nor knowing too well what to do next… 427 more words


Meteortown - The First Chapter (Second Draft - Locked)

It’s been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to say that my personal deadline for the second draft of my novel Meteortown is October 31st. 3,872 more words

Creative Writing

Reasons Why Life Between Novel Drafts Feels Like No Man's Land #Writer #Amwriting

  1. You feel lost. Your draft has been a huge part of your life. You basically ate, slept and hung out with each other for months and now that its gone (resting in a drawer or out for feedback) you feel lost without it.
  2. 323 more words

Draft Done: Now Can I Hold It Together?

I’ve just finished the first draft of the first, full-length play I’ve written without collaboration in about 4-5 years. The title of the play is “The Secrets of the Magic Pool.” It’s an allegorical tale of good and evil – somewhat inspired by Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Well, for the sake of clarity, I was watching “Into the Woods” in the cinema when the idea for a play came upon me. 320 more words

Writing Process

Disorganized order - that is how I roll

I am sure it has come to people’s notice by now that I am a procrastinator. I am also a bit scattered at times (okay okay, I can hear my friends going “at times?!”). 331 more words


Second draft, done. What's next?

WARNING: THIS POST WAS MEANT TO BE UPLOADED ON THE 25/7/2015. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, AS EVENTS MAY HAVE CHANGED. (I’m kidding, I did finish the second draft. 641 more words