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How do you Know When to Start a Next Draft?

Draft one is easy enough. It’s when you finish writing it.

Draft two is maybe when you’ve made a bunch of changes.

Draft three?

Twenty million?


Update: 3/29/15

I am sure someone out there is wondering, vaguely, whatever happened to this work.  Yes, I’ve been working on it.  Let me catch all of you (looks out over a barren field) up on what’s been going on.  155 more words

Word Count

Second Draft Blues

Nearly two months ago, I finished the first draft of my new novel, The Silvergreen Sea. After a period of reflection, discussion with my agent, and a little help from my writing group, I’ve now started on the dreaded second draft. 434 more words

Creative Writing

What is Scaffolding (in Writing)

What is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a support system builders and artists use to be able to construct something.

  • Michelangelo used scaffolding to paint the Sistine Chapel.
  • 648 more words

I've got the hump. Rewriting is hard.

A somewhat token update, as it’s been too long, but my brain is still messy with sleep deprivation, so apologies if things don’t quite make sense… 317 more words


Second draft hand edit is done!

Now, I get to apply it all to the computer, then start the third draft! Thank you to everyone who has shown interest! 


Rewriting. What to do and when to stop.

I love rewriting better than writing the first draft of my novels.

  • First I’m much more relaxed because I know the hard work of getting the storyline on “paper” is done.
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